Saturday, July 15, 2006

CA girl meets KS boy

Another reason for blogging is that my life is changing drastically right now...let me explain...

I met my husband (let's call him B) 7 years ago at work. I really didn't notice him for several months as he is very quiet and keeps to myself. I'm a very outgoing, social butterfly, so I spent my time with people like that. I used to see B at the gym every morning before work (we worked 2nd shift at the time), and one day he asked if I would like to go swim at his friend's house with him after our workout. I thought, hey, sounds like a good idea, it's hot outside, we could become friends. I had NO idea he was asking me out. The pool day was fun, and a week or so later he invited me over to his house for dinner. STILL, I thought we were just friends...I had heard he had a girlfriend who lived a couple hours away, and I had just ended a pretty serious relationship, so I wasn't looking for anything anyway. WELL, I know better now. Dinner was a success, we put in a movie to finish the evening, and before I knew it, big B laid a big fat wet one on me. I was so surprised! And, I loved it!

For the next couple months, we dated, but it seemed like we were just having fun...after all, he still had that girlfriend a couple hours away. About 2 months later, I was getting attached, and he STILL HAD THAT GIRLFRIEND A COUPLE HOURS AWAY. He would disappear for the weekends occasionally and not say anything to me. One Sunday night, he re-appeared and asked me to come over. I'd had it...I told him I had to clean my house (almost as bad as saying I had to wash my hair, right?). He said, ok, but then I guess I can't tell you my news...well, the news turned out to be that he had told other GFriend to HIT THE ROAD.

From then on, we were together, committed, and happy...most of the time.

About 6 months later, B decided that he needed a better job, and it would take him away from where we were living (which just happened to be my hometown). We had started to talk about getting married, so this decision would impact both of us.

I guess now is the right time to write a little about his history. He grew up in small town Kansas under the VERY strict supervision of his minister dad and mom. He attended a Christian college at his parents insistence, and when he graduated he promptly enlisted in the USMC. Hoo Rah! Well, an enlisted college grad draws some attention, and it wasn't long before he was asked to become an officer. 6 years later, he finished his service in San Diego, and landed a job in the San Joaquin valley of CA...where I was living and had grown up.

Ok, so as he's looking for a new job, it's NOT IN CA! But, I was lost in love, and told him I would follow him wherever he went...which turned out to be East Texas (in other words, the end of the earth). I knew he was THE ONE for me, so he landed a job in TX, proposed, and moved away all in about 1 week. 3 months later we were married and I joined him in TX.

Poor guy thought he had escaped the left wing non-English speaking left coast (as he calls it) for good. But, the CA girl got homesick and depressed and turned into an overall brat (I'm talking about me in case I lost you along the way). So, 15 months later, we packed it up and moved back home, that is. I was oblivious, I thought he was as happy as I was living in the desert of the southern central valley of CA. Having grown up there, I saw it through different eyes. My best buddies were there, mom and dad were there, my bro and sis were there for a while. I ran into people at the store that I knew from my school days. I knew how to get ANYWHERE in town. B saw a cess-pool (his words again) filled with illegal immigrants, dusty cars, no rain, no trees, terrible air, and overpriced everything.

Well, it's been over 4 years since we came back to CA, and I think reality is somewhere between how I see it and how he sees it. We were lucky...we bought our house when the market was low, so the high prices haven't hurt us much. But, my house is NEVER without dust, we are surrounded my mountains on 3 sides and only see them about 5 times a year, I REFUSE to shop at Wal Mart because I feel like I'm in another country to the south of us, I'm afraid to go outside after 8am because I may contract valley fever or asthma, and those left wing, gay rights supporting, give the illegals a drivers license politicians are taking over.

Wow, has that midwest boy opened my eyes!

Long story to get to the present...but finally, we're in present time. For the last 4 months, we've been searching for gainful employment in the great state of Kansas. Whoever thought I would end up in KS?? From my rantings above, maybe you could...after all, my blog is called Midwest Girl at Heart.

I'll leave the choice about KS and how it wasn't all that surprising to me that I would end up there to another posting...I think this one is long enough!

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