Saturday, July 15, 2006

How did this happen?

Ok, so I guess I should explain what I'm doing here, starting a blog. Well, it seems to be the latest thing, and I guess after posting comments on a few other blogs over the last year, it's about time I start my own. I don't spend hours poring over postings by others...I just have a few blogs I visit daily...and to be honest, 2 of my favorite ones have gone by the wayside.

I used to write in a journal, but, come on, in this day and age, I can get my thoughts out a lot more quickly by typing than by writing by hand. I used to LOVE to write silly short stories, but now I would prefer to read a story written by someone else (hence the interest in blogs by others). I'm hoping that God graces my hubby and I with a baby (actually 2, I want twins!) in the next year, so this is a great avenue to capture all of their silly escapades. And let's be honest...if it's the cool thing to do, I've got to try it myself.

So, here I am...writing my own blog.

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