Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Guilt sucks!

I'm feeling a little guilty now knowing that I will be leaving my current job. I have been a department manager for the last year, but I FINALLY got team members in my department. I've had one or 2 for the last year, but now my department has 5 members (including me). We just had our first department meeting. It was great!

I can stop telling people NO when they ask for help, because now I have resources to do all the work. I feel bad knowing that I set this all up, and then I will leave them without a leader. They are all very dedicated and motivated, so they will be fine, but this is what I have worked towards for over a year...building my department. I guess I completed my goal...the department is established...I just won't be around to see all the great things they will go on to do.


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shell said...

don't feel guilty, sal. you did an awesome job setting up the department and it will totally rock when you are gone all because of you!