Monday, July 17, 2006

Whirlwind (or should I say "Tornado") Weekend

We went to KS this weekend for interviews. B had 3, and I had 1 (with a company I've been talking to for a while). Because we booked at different times, we were on separate flights, separate airlines. The interviews went well for both of us, and we had a good weekend for the most part. We looked at some houses, saw 2 movies, surprised his parents, and surprised his bro and wife at the airport (they were getting back from GA, so we sat and had a snack with them while we waited for our flights). Besides it being SUPER hot, we had a fun and productive weekend...until...

I went to my gate to board my plane, and while I waited I took my sweater out of my backpack to carry on the plane with me. I always get cold. Well, somehow I left my sweater sitting on the chair, and I didn't notice it until we up in the it was too late to call B (who was sitting at the airport at another gate waiting for his plane). I froze on that flight, but I managed to find a blanket -- which I took with my for my 2nd flight (is that stealing??). I made my connection just fine, in fact, I flew out of the same gate I flew into (why couldn't that have happened on the way out when I had 15 minutes to run from gate to gate??). I landed on time, and after waiting 25 minutes for my bags to travel about 50 yards from the plane to the baggage claim area, I met mom and dad on the curb. They took me to their house to pick up my car, and then I was on my way home.

It was 11:40 pm, and I had 1 hour to shower, unpack and then head BACK to the airport to pick up B. Well, 5 minutes from my house, I came across a train that was blocking the road...not I turned around and backtracked and finally pulled into our driveway a few minutes later. I unloaded the bags (I had checked B's so he wouldn't have to wait for his for 25 minutes at 1am), and went to open the door to greet my puppies...BUT, the door was locked!! We NEVER lock the door from the garage to the house, but our housesitter had...and I had NO key!! I know, I know, I should have a key to my own house, but we're short on spares these days, and I had left mine out for the cleaning people, and it was in the house. I was locked out of my own house!

I called mom and dad...and after calling all their numbers they finally answered. After some whining from me, they finally agreed to bring the key to me, instead of making me drive back there. So, at midnite, I finally got into my house. The dogs had been so upset that they could hear me but I couldn't get to them that they started digging to see me under the fence, so now before I could take my own shower, I had to wash the midnite...which is really 2am central time...which is what time my body thought it was.

So, dogs are clean, I'm clean, some of my bag is unpacked, and I'm back in the car at 12:40am on my way to the airport...but not until I wait for 5 minutes at the railroad crossing for another train. 3 miles from the airport, what do I come across??? ANOTHER TRAIN! Who knew trains were so active at 1am! I made it to the airport, and here came B, right on time. We made it home (with no more interactions with trains, thank goodness!), and I took out my contacts and fell into bed, at 1:30am.

5 hours and 17 minutes later, my alarm screamed at me to get out of bed and go to work. I'm usually at work by 7am, but this morning was a different story...I got up late, and had to make B get out of bed also so we could go pick up his car at the shop, where it had spent the weekend. I rolled into work at 7:50...and I'm still not awake!

Maybe B and I will get job offers this week...that will help make up for our exhausting day yesterday!

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