Saturday, September 02, 2006

here I sit

It's Saturday, September 2. We have moved into our house...however, I use the term "moved in" loosely. We have unloaded and put away everything we brought in our cars.

The movers haven't showed up yet. We have no cable, no phone, and I'm stealing wireless internet from one of our neighbors to type this.

I got into a shouting match with the moving company on Thursday evening. Through this whole process, I've been assured that I will be COMPLETELY SATISFIED, that my things have a 95% chance of showing up on Friday, September 1.

Well, a week or so ago, I was told I had a 95% chance of my things showing up on Saturday, September 2 (TODAY!!).

Thursday I was told I have a 95% chance of them showing up on Sunday, September 3 (my birthday, BTW). Where the heck did they learn to calculate statistics???

I got a little irate at this news. I reminded them that they told me they are trying to rebuild a very tarnished reputation, and that this IS NOT the way to do it. I also told them if my things didn't arrive by Sept 2, I would be filing a complaint with the BBB. They gave me the driver's number and told me to call him directly.

They told me that the driver had left L.A. on Wednesday, Aug 30...Ok, it's AT MOST a 28 hour drive from LA to if he won't arrive until Sunday, and let's give him the benefit of the doubt that he will arrive EARLY on Sunday, then he's only driving 7 hours a day!! We drove 10-11 hours/day and made it in 2.5 days. DOT says he can drive 11 hours/day legally. What is going on???

So, I called the driver, Paul, and talked to him. I asked him what time on SATURDAY would he be arriving. He told me mid day, probably between 10am-12pm. I asked if he wanted directions, and he said he would call back when he got closer to get the directions.

Well, it's 11:30am on Saturday, and he hasn't called. I've tried to call him about 1o times and his phone goes right to voice mail (I've left 3 messages).

Buyer beware -- stay away from any company called CALIFORNIA COAST VAN LINES or HORIZON VAN LINES.

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