Thursday, September 07, 2006


The truck finally showed up on Tuesday. I'm so exhausted from thinking about it and unpacking that I don't have the energy to be eloquent in my writing here's the down low:

  • mover yelled at me because I didn't have cash (he said a check from my credit union doesn't count as a "bank check")
  • mover charged me $300 more because he had to walk so far (never mind that B and I unloaded almost as much as he did)
  • boxes stacked upside down, on their sides, wedged in -- all visible when he opened the truck
  • lawnmover broken
  • ceramic table base broken
  • nightstand missing 3 feet
  • headboard missing finials
  • CD rack in MANY MANY pieces
  • dresser has gouges
  • entertainment center has gouges
  • drinking glass broken
  • MANY plates broken (including antique)
  • punch bowl broken
  • B's custom made valet broken
  • one box MISSING (full of drinking glasses)

And I'm only done unpacking HALF of our stuff! Somehow, I'm remaining relatively calm.

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