Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We didn't blow away

So, did you think I blew away? We didn't, but I was a little nervous at first.

Apparently, a storm came up from the south and formed pretty quickly, hence, the rushed tornado warning.

I've learned a few things along the way about "watches" and "warnings". A tornado watch means that the conditions are right where a tornado COULD form. I tornado warning means that funnel clouds have been spotted. This was a warning, but it was a radar warning which means that the radar showed some swirling clouds, but they may not have been spotted with the eye.

I guess by the time we learned about the warning and took shelter, the storm had passed us and was heading northeast. A tornado did touch down somewhere in KS, with no injuries, just property damage, but it was a ways from us.

All is well...I survived my first warning. I'm hoping that my life in Kansas follows that of some of my co-workers -- they've lived here for over 35 years and NEVER seen a tornado...maybe that's because they were hiding out in the basement while it passed overhead!


shell said...

so i'm a looser...can you email me your email address..again? :)

shell said...

okay, so i have an idea...well, you inspired me, actually. i just finished reading a book and think you will like it and was thinking...what if we start a book sharing deal. whatever book you think i will like you send to me, and whatever book i think you will like, i will send to you...whatcha think? :)

shell said...

okay, lame-ass friend here. just found your email addy...