Sunday, October 15, 2006

Miserable is the word of the day

It's gloomy, rainy and cold outside today. Actually, it's been a pretty miserable weekend overall.

I have now spent more than 6 hours sitting in a salon chair this week. I got my hair "fixed" yesterday. "Fixed" is in quotes because I still hate it -- but at least I don't look like I got my hair done by a 5 year old anymore. This SUPPOSED stylist made me wait for 30 minutes before she started on me, so I was pretty hot by the time I got in that chair. I had already asked for my money back and had been told that they don't do I had to allow A to work on my hair again. While I was arguing with the receptionist about how I had NO confidence that "A" could fix my hair, another girl overheard us and said that she had to come back next week to get her hair fixed because the girl in the red sweater had messed up her color...hmm, A was the one in the red sweater. Let's just say that I am not a blonde anymore. In order to not make my hair fall out, we had to color red over all of her mistakes. Oh well, dark hair matches my mood.

B worked 16 hours yesterday doing inventory at work. His partner at work, in his infinite wisdom (note the sarcasm), told half of the guys that they wouldn't be needed for inventory, even though B INSISTED that there was too much to count without, the small group that showed up attempted to count the entire place...for 16 hours. Oh yeah, it's Sunday afternoon and B is back at work again...recounting all the stuff that was counted wrong last night...because people start to make mistakes after working for over 12 hours.

Since B worked today, I tagged along to my company picnic with Monica and her family. Yes, I said company picnic, and I also mentioned earlier that it's raining. That's where the miserable really kicks it up a notch. We trudged out to the park, where thankfully there was some cover in the form of a bingo hall and a wrap around porch. We took their son to the animal farm, let him ride down the wet slide one time, and then we beat it out of there. We were wet, cold, and still hungry (since they hadn't served the food yet).

From there we headed to the local Buffalo Wings place to eat and catch the beginning of my Boys' game. By halftime, we were full of wings, and I was ready to punch the idiot behind me who was cheering for the OTHER team. I came home, changed into my comfy clothes, and plopped down to see if my Boys could turn it around...but it didn't here I sit recounting my weekend to you.

Oh yeah, don't let me forget about the letter I got yesterday. The claims company who my moving company uses sent me a letter saying that they don't see where CALIFORNIA COAST VAN LINES, aka HORIZON VAN LINES, did me any wrong. And they also said that they will be so kind as to insist that CALIFORNIA COAST VAN LINES, aka HORIZON VAN LINES, pay me $0.60 per pound for my damaged items that I DID NOT pack -- that works out to $400 by their calcluations. How generous of them.

B and I were supposed to enjoy a nice meal, cooked by me, tonight...but it looks like unless we wait for a midnight snack, it ain't happening.

So, as my boys leave the stadium with their heads hung low after losing miserably, I will sign off, and pray for a better week...where the word of the day is NOT miserable.

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