Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My kids will never...

Ok, so I don't have kids yet, but when I do, we will teach them how to behave, and if they don't behave there WILL be consequences.

My husband dressed up as a monster this year for Halloween...he does this EVERY Halloween. He sits on the porch and acts like a dummy and as the kids are walking away, he moves and scares them. He's very sensitive to the kids' ages...if it's a small child, he just moves his hand, if it's an older child, he moves faster...and if it's some 10 year old hoodlum who kicks him in the face, he lunges and chases him off the porch...with ME right behind him.

Yes, that happened twice tonight. First a junior high age girl kicked him in the ribs...he jumped at the whole pack of them forcing them to run right for the corner of my porch...all of us watching from inside rolled on the floor laughing. We hadn't seen the rib jab. Later in the night, a punk 10 year old walked right up to him and kicked him in the face!

You might be saying, well, the kids thought he was a dummy. True, but do you teach your kids it's ok to kick someone else's property, whether it's breathing or not? C'mon, show a little respect. B handled it better than I did. I grabbed the kid by the back of the neck and forced him off my porch. We turned the lights off right after that, but B has a red mark on his cheek to remind him.

Other than the kicking incidents, we had a GREAT night. My SIL, her mom, and her 2 precious girls (Little Red Riding Hood and Tinkerbell) came over, along w/ 2 more of our friends and their little ones (a cow and Superman). We went trick-or-treating for about 10 houses until we were all so cold we couldn't feel our hands, then headed back to the house to eat pizza and hand out candy. Imagine 6 adults, 4 kids, 1 monster, and 2 dogs making their way down the street together...we were quite a sight!

The best part of Trick-or-Treating was walking up to a house with a pumpkin carved with the UTexas logo and watching my friend's son yell, "Go OU," as the lady opened the door. Classic! She teased us back by going back inside and taking the candy with her...but she came back.

Since Halloween is now over, that means November is almost here...I can't believe it!


DramaMama said...

Hi Sally!

I just read your blog after you left a comment on mine. Thank you! Btw, that movie is all yours!

I know KS is windy AND dusty. Chicago, where I am is just WINDY so I know the feeling you had the other day. It sucks. Thank God we don't have the dust to go with it. I'm an Arizona transplant myself. But I was born in Minnesota. I just lived in AZ most of my life. It's horribly dusty there, but only a handful of windy days.

As for the kids, I would never let my kids pull that crap either! I'm sorry hubby got kicked.. I would have decked the kid. He HAD to know it was a real person. Bastard!

Sally said...

Where I lived in CA is a lot like AZ -- HOT HOT HOT in the summer...thankfully there weren't as many days over 100 as AZ, but close. Of course, here in KS it's not as hot temp wise, the but the humidity will kill you...what was I thinking??? =)