Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's almost MY month!

In my family (at least according to me), birthdays are a BIG deal.

And, it's almost mine! But first, it's B's birthday.

We are 5 years and 2 days apart in age. So, on Saturday, B turns 38, and on Monday (Labor Day) I turn 33.

When I was a kid, I thought Labor Day was to celebrate moms' giving birth...I really did...because I was born on Labor Day in 1974. Every few years my birthday falls on the holiday again, and it's perfectly fine with me if the entire nation helps me celebrate.

This weekend will start the festivities. I'm taking B to a yummy restaurant for lunch on Saturday, then we'll go to his parents house for dinner -- for his favorite (biscuits and gravy) and my favorite (chocolate cake). We'll hang out with my SIL and BIL and nieces and the 'Rents and eat fatty food and open presents...woo hoo!! Presents for ME! Sunday we'll work on recovering from all the food on Saturday so that we can go out to yummy dinner (where, I don't know...you Wichitans give me some suggestions) on Monday.

Then, as per my rule, I will remain the Queen for the rest of September...since it's my birthday month. We'll see how well that goes over with the hubby.

Y'know, if I'm going to get older, I might as well take advantage of whatever I can get!


SueZQue said...

We'll have to celebrate again when we're there too ;-)

Sally said...

Sounds good to me!

shell said...

good thing you're in kansas, 'cause september is MY month too and i don't know if we could make it in the same state hahahha !!! :-)

p.s...i mailed your gifty off to you today. you should get it in 2 days and i'll even let you open it as soon as you get it!!!

Terri said...

I am soooo with you there on the birthday month thing; or at least a weeks worth of celebrating. Problem is, no one else in my family is about that and it's kinda hard to celebrate like that yourself! I hope you and B have a super weekend!

Chelf said...

Aw, darn! I am older than you. The world celebrates my birthday, too. Cinco De Mayo (Me-yo).

My friends who are in or familiar with Wichita say:
Red Lobster
Hana Cafe
Scotch and Sirloin (www.scotchandsirloin.net)
King World Buffet (they say it is good)
Cibola (I hear it is WAY expensive, but good)
Kobe Steak House (Ferret says "Not Kyoto")

Let us know what you choose!

Sally said...

Chelf - Obviously, your friends are East Siders from their choice of restaurants...have you heard about that in Wichita?

Thanks for the suggestions!

shell said...

silly girl, be an east side girl for the night. it's your birthday! i say go big! when else can you do that and totally get away with it? :-) besides, you went to pf changs today....

Chelf said...

I hear about East this and West that, but I never paid attention to what side my friends were on. Hee hee.

They live south. First exit off the Pike, baby! I know nothing about Wichita, except that I have friends there. DH is the Atlas.

I am hopelessly directionally dysfunctional! I am a landmark lady.