Friday, August 31, 2007

Prayer Needed!!

I just got this message from my SIL (bro's wife). Her dad is in the hospital and they're not sure what's going on...please say a prayer for him and SIL and their family.


My dad was rushed to the hospital last night. My mom heard him fall in the kitchen. He was convulsing and gurgling. At first we thought it was a stroke, but the cat scan came back okay. Then they noticed his belly getting bigger and ran some tests and found that he was bleeding internally. They are still running more tests to see what is causing this.

I was at the hospital until 4 this morning and will be going back in a few hours. (he's having surgery)

My mom is not doing so well emotionally. She has not slept this whole time (she's still with him) nor has she eaten anything.

Could you please let your family know and have everyone pray?



Rachel Emma said...

Sally you and your family are in
my thoughts and prayers. As you know i have a lot of problems with my stomach so i know how terrible that can be and to come on so suddenly to, try to keep your strengths up.

Take Care,
Rachel Emma

Jenni said...