Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you SERIOUS???

That is what goes through my head when I can NOT believe what someone does. When I'm in the car and I get cut off (or, what usually happens when driving around Wichita - someone just stinkin' STOPS in front of me for NO reason), when the cashier opens a new line and takes the person BEHIND me, when the only produce I need is cilantro - and they're all out, or when someone doesn't honor gym etiquette.

Yes, I said GYM ETIQUETTE. You all know what that is, right? Don't stay on the cardio equipment for longer than 20 minutes when someone is waiting, wipe down your machine when you're done, don't take multiple bars in Body Design (so, only Wichita people might get that one), and for heaven's sake, DON'T PUT YOUR STEP RIGHT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE ELSE!!

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and it only ever seems to happen to me. I set up my bench, making sure I'm not directly in front of the person behind me. Because, you know, when you're lifting weights, you're supposed to be able to see yourself in the mirror to check your form. AND THEN, someone comes in, LATE, and sets up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Not even a couple inches offset, RIGHT smack in front of me. All I can see when I look up during squats is her sweaty butt. Lovely! And then all I can do is stew all through the class. And as I look around the rest of the studio, I see that no one else has done's only happening to me. Why, oh why??

C'mon people, use your tiny brains! I mean, I don't even play golf and I know the etiquette on the golf course - don't walk between someone's ball and the hole on the green, person farthest from the hole shoots first, don't make a bunch of noise as they tee off, don't drive your cart on the green...the least a gym rat can do it practice gym etiquette!

Ok, I'm done for now. I have my glass of red wine, and I'll stop ranting and go read some more blogs. Goodnight!


The Hooper Family said...

At first I was thinking...ohh I set up in front of her during Step...but off to the side. Then I realized 2 people were RIGHT in front of you...ewww, stinky sweaty butts right in your eyesight. I totally annoys me too. I was annoyed I didn't get an 18lb bar when the chick behind me had one and NEVER used it!!! Maybe we can teach classes at the Y on etiquette??

btw, we need to have a girl's night before you go back to work and vacation.

Chelf said...

We are just too nice. That is our problem. We need to speak up, and tell Ms. Inconsiderate Sweaty-Butt to move her derriere, or we shall kick it when we get to cardio.

But, we do our ranting in cyberspace, and we preach to the choir, and Ms. Sweaty-Butt goes on being Inconsiderate. And she has lots of family. And they all attack us nice people.

Chin up, sweet friend. Things will be better tomorrow. Enjoy that wine!