Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Phase

I have a few friends who have said they don't love the baby phase. They love their kids, but they enjoy them more once they're bigger and can do more.

I was starting to think I fell into this category myself. When Lil Major was fussy all the time and waking up at all hours of the night, I was tired and frustrated and I thought I'd enjoy him more if he was bigger.


I can not believe how much I love this little boy. I can't stop kissing and hugging and loving and ABSORBING him. (Again, more things I never thought I'd get into). Granted, he's sleeping through the night better, I can usually tell why he's fussing and do something to fix it, and he just gets cuter every day. All that helps.

But, I'm LOVING the baby phase. He's more fun now than a couple months ago...he laughs and smiles and reaches and makes the cutest slurping noises as he sucks on his fist or fingers or whatever is close by. He's getting that baby pudgy look to him, and even though it's beginning to be a daily occurrence of him pooping all over me, him and the couch...I still love him more and more every minute of every day.

His daddy told him the other night, "Lil Major - we love you more than you love us." Oh, how sweet to hear my macho hubby tell our son that he loves him.

I'm SO dreading starting my job in 2 weeks. How will I ever survive 8 hours away from him???


Daisy said...

I'm so glad you are revelling in being a mom! I knew you would understand things once you got there. No one can comprehend the amount of love you can have for your child until they become a parent. I never understood JOY until I was standing at Lily's crib one day watching her sleep not long after she'd been born. And it just dawned on me that NOW I know how joy is different from happiness, etc. It was the only word to describe how I felt about being her mom.

Eliza said...

It is fun once you get the hang of it and kind of feel like you are successful at the whole mom thing. I know I didn't love it the first few days (or maybe week), but once I figured it out, I loved it!

I cried and cried before I had to go back to work, try not to dwell on it too much - I'd hate for you to miss out on time with your baby because you were preoccupied with "I only have this many more days with him".

And in case you need some incentives about the good things of going back to work, here are two that I've found:
1. You have will miss your baby, so the time you do have with him is SUPER special and fun! You won't take that for granted. It will in some ways make you a better mom.

2. I lost 5 lbs. my first week back at work! There was no more temptation calling me from the fridge each day, just whatever I brought to work to eat. A good way to drop some leftover baby weight...

Jayme said...

It is mind boggling for me to watch you have a son that you adore so much. :) Its so odd to have to watch you go from not getting it to totally loving being a mom.

And I was so laughing about the poop on the couch thing. :) I distinctly remember your face when I mentioned how nice it would be to have a couch that had not been peed, pooped, and thrown up on. :)

Part of having a kid (and the mess and stuff grows exponitially (sp)with each kid...not just doubles)is learning how to do deal with mess. :)

You are a great mom...and I love that first picture of you. Just loving being a mom and having a son. You rock. :)

Sally said...

Liz - Those are things I'm looking forward to! That, and only working 2 weeks til I get a week off to trek out to Bako!! =)

Agnes said...

I can totally relate to how you're feeling. It's amazing how much love you can have for such a little person. And they just keep getting more and more fun.

I too am dreading going back to work...and I don't even have to be gone for 8 hours!

Can't wait to see you and meet Lil Major!!

Jenn said...

I totally agree...this baby stage is awesome. I'm so glad that our little ones are so close in age and that you are sharing your experiences. Thanks for inspiring me to get my blog's under construction! I pray that your transition back to work is a smooth one and that the time away from lil major only makes the time together that much sweeter! Miss you!

abbagirl74 said...

What a beautiful baby! He is definitely starting to take on his own little personality! How cute!

Jenni said...

The baby stage is more difficult if you've got a colicky baby. I wish I had known about Hiland's colic tablets and teething tablets (at health food stores) when Caleb was a baby. Wouldn't you know, he was the only one with colic. He was still fun and we still loved him more everyday--even when our nerves were shot and we were feeling frazzled.

The trick to this parenting thing is to learn to enjoy at least something about every stage. There are some ages that seem to be more difficult, but there is something to enjoy in each. One of my favorite stages is the 2-3yo stage. They're just so cute, so easily amused, and so funny. They look at everything with wonder. Danny always said he couldn't wait to have teenagers. I thought, "Yeah, right." You know, teenagers *are* fun.

Love your Lil Major at every age and stage and never forget how blessed you are to be his mom.

Band of Brothers said...

that first picture of the 2 of you is soooo cute! you look great!!!glad you are so enamored with your little cutie pie:)