Friday, July 25, 2008

Bako Bloggers

My trip west is coming up...I'm so excited!! Of course, I have to make it through 2 weeks at a new job first...and find child care for Lil Major for one of those weeks...but whatever...I'm coming west!

SO, I've been thinking about our Bako Bloggers get-together, and I'm looking for some input.

We'd talked about going to a nice restaurant, but it's always so hard to talk to the person at the very end of the table, and then you go home at the end out the night and realize you never talked to a few people...and you're sad.

What about meeting up at the NW Dewars or at Rusty's or Me N Ed's (I'm choosing all my favorite places, so don't mind me!). That way we can mingle a little better, and all those places are kid friendly in case you want/need to bring little ones (I'll have mine!). It could also be more of a come-and-go in case we can't pin down an exact time.

As far as what date - I was thinking Wednesday, August 20, or Thursday, August 21.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments what date, what place, and idea of what time...can't wait to see you all!

Oh, and I know there are WAY more Bako Bloggers out there who you guys read and who read your, invite them all if you want. If I was cool with HTML, I'd make us a cute little button, but I don't get that stuff, so we'll have to spread the word without the button. =)


The Hooper Family said...

Just wanted to say I love the new pic of lil major at the top!!!

Daisy said...

Wednesday is better for me, but I know we have a lot of people to accommodate, so I can be flexible. I, of course, vote for Me N Ed's! Duh.

CeCe said...

Any day is good for me... just as long as it is in the evening after I get off work!!! YEAH! :)

Ugh, returning to work... :( I'm right there with you. Stinky old work...

Paulette said...

I'm pretty sure Wed might be better for me but I can probably make Thurs work too. I'm happy to meet at one of your favorites....maybe cuz they're all my favorites too! :)