Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm a planner. Big time. I even TRIED to plan when a little one would arrive in our house -- but God took care of that one.

Anyway, I've already started planning out my trip west in a few weeks. There are lists in my head of all the things I need to take, and I've already started plotting how to navigate the airport. And luckily, my parents are driving out, so I can send some things on with them ahead of time (since the stinkin' airline will charge me for my second bag now!).

BUT, I still need to figure out the car seat thing. So, I'm asking...does anyone out there in Bako land have an extra Chicco car seat base that they won't be needing for a few days in mid-August? I'll only need it for the week I'm in Bako (mom and dad are taking one for me while we're together in L.A.).

Thanks for your help! =)


Agnes said...

Can you not move the base from your parents' car to whatever car you drive in Bako?

I have our entire infant car seat that you could use since Hudson is in the "big" car seat now. Unless you need to use the Chicco one to fit into a stroller or something. But I also have an extra mom bought one to have at her house and I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you borrowed it for the week.

CeCe said...

You can borrow mine. We have two Chicco bases, and it is no problem at all for you to borrow one!!!

Excited to meet you in real life!

Sally said...

Thanks, girls!

Yes, I can use the base from my parents car in Bako, but they're leaving for the Bay Area and won't be back before I leave, so I'd have to take it on the plane with me (I'd like to avoid that if I can).

The stroller I have will accomodate any infant carrier, so Hudson's would work, or I'll have to bring our car seat for LA anyway, so CeCe's base would work, too.

Thanks so much for your help, girls!! =) Now that I have 2 solutions, I won't worry about it til I get out there. Can't wait to see you both!!!

Jenni said...

Sorry, no car seats here. I never had one with a separate base, either.

I'm going to California in August, too. My first time!