Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The rain has finally left our part of the country...for now.

After what seemed like forever, and was probably little more than a week or so, we finally saw sunny skies over the weekend. Of course, the sun didn’t show up until most of our part of town was flooded. I didn’t get out and take photos like Lindsey did, but it looked like that by our house, too.

There was only one way out of our neighborhood for a couple days, and to go north, you first had to go south and make a big loop. Not fun! The water has gone down now, and we were some of the lucky ones who didn’t have flooding inside our house. Just a couple miles south of us, everyone was flooded out. The Colonel came home from work early on Friday, and it’s a good thing he did because the roads only got worse as the day wore on.

Mom and Dad had some problems since their idiotic roofers, who cashed their check and promised to do the work over a month ago, HAD NOT fixed the leaky roof yet and the leak only got worse. Go figure! They should be there right now making it right…of course, making it right to me would be getting my $$ back, firing them, and burning their sign that’s in the front yard right now. Dad isn’t quite as mean as me, though.

BUT, Sunday was gorgeous, and yesterday was more of the same. It made me SO glad that I don’t work on Mondays. Lil Major and I took full advantage of the cool air and sunny sky. We went for walks and sat on the grass and pulled weeds (well, I did, anyway), and we opened the windows and pulled up the (very dusty) blinds. It looks like fall is here!

The only damper on the weekend was that the boy has his first cold, and his daddy is sick, too. I’m trying to breathe in other directions to avoid getting it myself...but my nose is runny today.

Even with his cold, the kiddo still smiles when he looks at Daddy and giggles when you tickle his feet…and he’s loving his jumparoo. Check it out!


Jenn said...

Jumparoo's have to be one of the best inventions ever. Julianne will stay in that thing forever if I'd let her. We miss you here in Bako...had lunch with Paulette and Bethany today and the only thing missing was you (and lil major of course). xoxo

Band of Brothers said...

so sorry baby is sick:(

glad you survived all that flooding! only chance we will flood is if our dam breaks. which is a possibility, i hear!

Terri said...

I want an adult jumparoo!! looks like fun.

Jana said...

what happened to my comment???

Cheeziemommie said...

I swear those jumperoos are MAGICAL!!! Best invention ever :) Send some of that rainy weather our way!