Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus...

go WAY too fast through my neighborhood.

I was almost taken out by 2 buses...on my own street, this morning. See, every morning, I rush to get out of my house by 6:25 am. Any later, and I’m not late for work, but I end up stopping 5 bazillion times behind the school bus as they stop at EVERY house where a kid lives. Maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but they stop at least 6 times in the quarter mile from my house to the main road.

I made it out in time this morning, but I had to dodge one bus that came flying around the curve a few houses down from mine, and then I dodged another bus that cut the corner going Mach 1 to turn onto my street. And I’m supposed to put my kid on the bus in 5 years?? I think not!

And this may make me sound old...but when I rode the bus to school, it picked up in one place in our entire neighborhood of about 1000 houses. I had to walk like 4 blocks to the bus stop. And now, they drop off and pick up each kid in front of his house!!! C’mon, they can walk one block to the end of our neighborhood, can’t they???


Eliza said...

No, they can't walk...that would be too hard and we want to make sure they don't ever have to do anything that would be challenging in life.

You should call the school district about it.

Crazy bus drivers!

Oh and I LOVE the new layout.

Terri said...

school buses at mach 1 eh? that's funny to imagine, but seriously not cool if they already have kids in tow!

The Hooper Family said...

Nope, kids can't walk today. Heck, they have a diffucult enough time walking from class to class...heaven forbid adding an extra 200 feet to the bus stop.

And, I think school bus drivers and UPS drivers are trained by the same crazy people.

Love Bears All Things said...

I have often thought that the buses go too fast and the drivers are reckless in some cases. In our neighborhood in Memphis they make a stop at the corner not at every house. We live close enough for the children to walk to school and many of them do.
I know you are running late but buses usually keep to a schedule so a few minutes either way might make a difference.
Mama Bear

Terry said...

HI SALLY!!! Sorry, I have been so absent.... I absolutely love your new layout :)

I have noticed a few busses around here and they stop at every stinkin driveway, and to top it off, the parents are then sitting at the end of the driveway in their cars to haul their children back to the front door 200 feet away! I am amazed they are not all little tubs of lard!

Lewis Family said...

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Kathy said...

I totally understand what your saying about the buses picking up the children in front of their houses but..... on the other hand with all the perverts out there and children being snatched by these perverts I'm sure the bus company's have to look at that aspect also. Heaven forbid that a child get snatched but if it happened I'm sure the parents would then sue the bus company. It is just the other side of the coin I wanted to state.

But you are right children need to get out and become active. There are way to many children planted in front of a TV or game console.

Hope I didn't offend you, I'm just looking at it from all sides.

Chelf said...

There is a registered sex offender on my street. He grandfathered into the neighborhood, having already owned his house before the conviction. I wouldn't want my kids playing outside in his line of view.

When I was a kid riding the bus, I had to walk at least half a mile, past a BAR to get to my bus. We thought nothing of it. I bet my mom thought about it!

Is the world that much more dangerous, or are we just more in tune with being scared? I don't know. I agree that you should call the school district, and let them know what their drivers are doing in the streets.