Saturday, September 27, 2008

insurance, ice cream, and computers

I read an interesting article in the paper today. Basically, it said that PETA (strike 1) wanted Ben & Jerry's (strike 2 - I'm a Dreyer's/Edy's gal) to stop using cow's milk and use breast milk instead in its ice cream. What?? Yes, you read that right.

Now, I don't think I would purposely eat ice cream that was made with breast milk, and to be honest, I would probably avoid it simply because it was suggested by the wacky psychos at PETA anyway...but I have to say that I'm intrigued. How much would B&J be willing to pay for breast milk? Because, you know, I kinda have an abundance right now, and a little side job would probably more than pay for the housekeeper and new bedding that I want to buy. I'm just saying...


Ok, on to other topics. I am hereby writing this post on my new (to me) laptop. I'm so excited! The screen is way bigger and much clearer than my old machine. It's heavier and bulkier, too, but I guess that comes with the territory. And I need to mess with my router, because I'm not getting a very good signal when I'm upstairs (the router is downstairs)...but it's mine!! We slipped some cash to our friend, and it only took a little coaxing to get him to take it. And now I can surf and blog with the best of them!

So, that's what made me happy this week.


Here's what pissed me off.

We recently decided to make some changes to our insurance coverage. In the hopes of reducing costs, we switched to another company. No biggie for auto and home insurance, but we had to go through all kinds of crap for the life policy. And after all the medical stuff (interviews, exams), I got a call yesterday saying that they will write a policy for me, but I won't be getting the best discounted rate. Why? I asked.

The response? I'm too heavy and my blood pressure is too high (and what better way to elevate it even more, right??). I tried to stay calm and ask for some details. Basically, my BP is 2 points too high (the bottom number), and they expected me to have lost all the baby weight within 3 months of delivery. Yes, 3 months! Who the *O#$(&^ are they kidding?? Any doctor will tell you that it took 10 months to gain all that weight, it's not out of the question for it to take that long or longer to get it all back off. Oh, and don't forget that I'm still breastfeeding and each boob weighs a good 5 pounds.

Now, they are basing all of this on an exam by a travelling nurse who came to my house, took my BP at the end of a stressful day, and made me get on a scale while my son napped and my melons filled up. A single point in time on a random day on a scale that I don't know when was last calibrated. yada yada yada

Know what the nice lady on the phone said when I mentioned all this??? I can request to be re-evaluated in 2 years. 2 YEARS!! But, I'm stuck paying the higher premium until then...all based on a 10 minute exam. Oh, and who knows what my health will be like in 2 years...they may find other things to screw me on. I'm still fighting this. It's not over yet. They don't know who they're dealing with!


Eliza said...

I heard that about PETA too! And apparently there's some like place in France that serves food made with breastmilk! GAG!

Sorry about the stupid insurance physical...hopefully, you can get it all straightened out.

Cheeziemommie said...

I heard about the breastmilk thing on The Scoop Today - I swear that's my new fave morning show! - and they said that there are even some restaurants (I think in france) that have breastmilk on their MENU!!!!!
You go girl about your insurance saga!

Rachel O said...

We had a discussion about the breast milk thing at work (a very relaxed office of friends)... and OH the quotes that came out of that. And we wondered about a breast milk "dairy" or "sweat shops". Seriously what is wrong with PETA. How stupid.

Dirk has his big medical exam for life insurance thing tomorrow morning.

Band of Brothers said...

ok, i will NEVER have ben and jerry's EVER again.

I am so horrified that they expect all the weight to be off in 3 months, especially for a nursing mama. that is truly an outrage and i hope you fight it.

go sally, go! fight, fight, fight(i'm chanting in a cheerleader's voice)

Seriously, fight it.

(oh and thanks for your sweet comments:)

Terri said...

oh my goodness - that is the biggest bunch of horsepoopy I've heard in a long time (the insurance deal) - unreal. You aren't even close to being overweight - not like the rest of the population (myself included) and ANY doctor or nurse will reassure a new mother than pregancy weight doesn't come off and your body return to pre pregnancy shape until about a year after. What a crock. I think I might consider another change of insurance companies. Unfortunately because of our economy and crazy natural disasters I think we might be seeing more of this tightening of the pursestrings; and likewise forcing us to pay more. Sucks royally. You keep at it girl!

Laura said...

Okay but wait. It's not like you even have much baby weight left on you. At all. So that's just weird. Don't get me started about the special rates the insurances are supposed to give you. I NEVER qualify and it's just silly.

Chelf said...

I would most certainly argue with the insurance over the exam. Demand a second (or third!) opinion.

"He don't know me too well, do he?"

The last time I got my blood pressure checked, I was shocked at how low it was.

Terri said...

come on over to my place - i have a little sumpin' sumpin' for you!

Love Bears All Things said...

I'd try another agency. I know its a hassle. I can't believe they are concerned about 2 points and a few pounds.
I ran into this with Honey Bear plus the rates go up every 10 years because of age. I am now paying over $350 a month on a policy for him that I took out in 1997. We went through Select Quote. They represent several companies and try to get you the best rate. They movies fool us into thinking you can take out a policy on someone without their knowledge for big payoffs but it isn't possible in everyday life.
Mama Bear

Terry said...

I am shocked!!! The whole insurance scam floors me! YOUR OVERWEIGHT ?!?....OMG....That is sheer madness...

on the lighter side, if you went to work in the Breast Milk sweatshop, you could reduce your boob weight and get those discounts!! LOL