Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I have some new super cute pictures of my boy, but I have to tell what I just finished doing first.

My mom was sitting on our front steps with Lil Major enjoying the gorgeous fall weather (imagine bright blue cloudless skies and 75 degrees) when I got home from work. I went out to join her just as my next door neighbor, Verna, came over asking if we'd seen Scooter, their 10 month old lab. It appeared that Scooter had gotten out somehow and run off. I had just driven through our neighborhood and hadn't seen him. As mom and I sat there talking, we saw our neighbor get in his truck and go driving to look for him, and his wife started walking through the neighborhood yelling out Scooter's name. Mom decided to go home, so I walked out into the yard to see if I could see Scooter.

Then I saw my neighbor, the one who's moving away, out in her yard and her husband was pulling out of the driveway...on his way to look for the dog. I stood there and chatted with her for about 20 minutes...long enough to see both her husband and Scooter's Dad drive by about 3 times looking for the dog. A few minutes later, The Colonel got home, so the boy and I went over to say hi and tell him what was going on.

Next thing you know, The Colonel and our dogs are out looking for Scooter. Still nothing -- no one saw any hint of him! We'd looked everywhere and been outside for over an hour, so we all headed inside for a while.

About 5 minutes later, our doorbell rang, and there was Verna. She said that they'd found Scooter, and he was fine. When we asked where he was, she sheepishly told her closet!! He'd gotten in there somehow and closed the door behind him! Ha! Stinker dog! All is well, and even though Verna's husband complained about wasting $80 in gas driving around looking for the dog, who was in their house the whole time, we're all glad that he's safe and sound! =)

Look for some new pics in another post...very soon!


Agnes said...

So jealous of the fall weather!

Weird...I rescued a dog today...he was NOT in the closet and had a close call crossing Ming. But he's safe home now!

Terri said...

soooo funny and this reminds me I have to blog about Kaylen and Cookie. She was incredibly good about "hiding" cookie. Ahhh brings back good memories.