Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fireman of the Year

The Colonel had big plans on Saturday - work and then golf (what's new?!), so Lil Major and I made plans of our own.

We headed to a craft fair first off, where the only thing we purchased was some yummy cookies. Lins was selling her wares, so we hung out with her for a while. Then we headed over to Jayme's town to see their new place and take the kids trick-or-treating...we hadn't seen them in 2 months!

When we got to Augusta, Lil Major changed into his costume in the back of the Pilot. Have I told you that I LOVE my car??? The back of it is perfect for changing diapers, nursing babies, or in this case - changing into a Halloween costume, er, I mean The Fireman of the Year!

It was a beautiful day - a little cool to start out, but it warmed up to a wonderful fall day. We met Jayme and the girls and wandered the streets of Augusta, KS, trick-or-treating at all of the shops.

Lil Major scored some candy even though I tried to abstain (I'm serious - those shop owners insisted!). He was the perfect angel in his stroller. He just sat back and took it all in - all the kids and costumes and craziness. I didn't hear a peep out of him for over an hour! And he was awake! As soon as I pulled him out of his stroller, he broke into a huge smile and gave me a hug.

We went to see Jayme's new place after we'd collected all the candy we could. The girls had a blast playing with their cousin, and Jayme and I got to catch up a little bit.

The day was exhausting for Lil Major, and he slept the whole way home in the car and for 12+ hours last night!

And now, we don't have to go out in the cold on Friday night. =) Well, maybe just for a little while.


Band of Brothers said...

oh, lil major looks as cute as can be in his fireman costume. his cousins look darling too. what fun to go trick-or-treating together at all the shops! i am so glad you are enjoying all this fun mom stuff:)

Eliza said...

I love the costume! He's getting so big and cute!

And I love my car for the same reason - in fact I'd rather change a dirty diaper there than in a public restroom.

Lynette said...

lil' major is an adorable fire fighter! It sounds like you had a great Saturday. I am jealous of your falll weather. I wish it was cool here, it is supposed to be 88 today! Its just not right!!!

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Terri said...

boy he takes his "occupation" seriously! hehe, too cute.

CeCe said...

He is so adorable!!! I love him in the first picture, he looks so big!