Sunday, October 12, 2008


That's how much I paid for a gallon of gas today. It seems so cheap! And it's so crazy that just 5 days ago I paid $2.93, and I was's dropped that much in 5 days!!! I can't believe that it's going to last, so I keep filling up once I get to half a tank. I've missed out on these "cheap" prices before...they won't get me again.

Of course, if I would have waited until I NEEDED gas, I wouldn't have bought it 5 days ago for $2.93, and I would have gotten a WHOLE tank for $2.57/gallon. I'll never learn!


MammaMia said...

$2.57? I;m so jealous! We're still at $2.99!!

shell said...

humph. we're still at $3.45.