Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swing low...sweet Chariot!

We spent some time in our backyard this weekend, hanging up a swing for Lil Major. A friend of ours gave us their baby swing when their son outgrew it, and we've been meaning to get it hung for weeks.

Daddy, aka The Colonel, used his mad knot tying skills to hang the swing and make sure that the boy wouldn't hit the ground. After inspection by Mommy, we hung the swing and loaded up the kiddo.

I knew the boy would love it. He swung in a friend's swing when we were in CA, and he LOVES to be outside. And the weather was perfect. Cool, with a light breeze. Blue skies, green grass, big tree. It was gorgeous! We'll have to spend some time out there every day before it's too cold

On our way back into the house, I turned around, and all of a sudden I saw Gomer Pyle in my backyard. So weird!

Can you tell these two are related, or what??

The outfit Lil Major is wearing in the above picture is the outfit The Colonel bought for him last Christmas. He wore it for the first time to church today. And get this - it's a 3-6 month outfit, but it's the same size as the 12 month shirt the kid wore yesterday. I'm getting so frustrated with baby clothes and the wacky sizes!


Eliza said...

Seriously! I feel like I have to keep a chart of what brands run what sizes. Micah is still wearing some things that say 6-9 months on it. It's all over the place!

Band of Brothers said...

i never go by size anymore, unless I REALLY know the specific brand...i only buy certain clothes online that I am SURE of the sizing system, otherwise everything is super wonky.

and what fun, a swing! can you believe that after 3 kids, we've never had a swing? Lil major is one lucky dude.

and that is so sweet that the Colonel bought Lil Major an outfit!!