Thursday, April 12, 2007


I’m a bad daughter-in-law…evil…

We had the ILs over for Easter lunch. We had invited 2 other families to come over also, but they ended up not making it, so it was just B, me, and the ‘rents (as I call them).

We BBQ’d, my favorite thing to do in spring…of course, spring wasn’t really here on Easter, but whatever. B and I make a great team for grilling…I marinade the meat, and he cooks it. On Easter, we had chicken, sausage, and rib-eye steaks. The sausage we just threw on the grill, and I marinated the steak in garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, brown sugar, and ginger.

All good so far.

I marinated the chicken the way I always do. B likes it. I like it…everyone always likes it. I used the same ingredients as the steak plus one more…beer. I used the very last bottle of beer we had in the house for the chicken. And man, was that chicken good.

So good that MIL and FIL couldn’t stop talking about it. They mentioned how moist it was, how great the flavor was…and then they asked what was in it.

That’s when I froze…and then I almost busted out laughing…but I held it in and rattled off the ingredients above…minus the beer.

You see, ILs are tea-totalers…they have NEVER EVER tasted alcohol of any kind. MIL says that the wine mentioned in the Bible was actually just grape juice…it wasn’t fermented, but they just called it wine anyway. In fact, when we were first married, B would hide all the alcohol when they came to visit. He’s loosened up a bit since then (I mean, we ARE adults), but we definitely don’t flaunt it in front of them, and I would never have a glass of wine while they’re over…but there are unopened bottles of wine in the wine rack.

I have no idea what they would have said or done if they knew there was beer in the marinade. Granted, it cooked out, and there was no alcohol (man, can you imagine if MIL would have gotten tipsy – I’d like to see that!). SIL thinks they would have freaked out…she’s probably right.

I wish I could tell them…because there’s nothing wrong with it. They loved the chicken, they didn’t get intoxicated, they didn’t even actually end up consuming any alcohol…since it cooked out.

But, I sure got a kick out of it. I didn’t really do it on purpose…I mean, I did, because that’s how I make my chicken, but I wasn’t trying to trick them or make fun of them….well, maybe a little deep deep down, but not really….I’m such a bad daughter-in-law…


shell said...

The only think I see wrong with this is that you have open bottles of wine in the wine rack. The girl I knew in college wouldn't let that happen! :-)

Sally said...

Yeah, well I'm trying to cut back...and B doesn't like wine. Don't worry, they eventually get drunk (the wine, that is, not the ILs...hee hee).

shell said...

well...that's okay, then. i suppose. hehehe :)

Terry said...

Isn't it funny that no matter how adult we become, the inner child still feels the need to hide our dirty little secrets..

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, it is your house so I don't see why you have to obstain when they are around. I never had any alchohol in front of my Dad. That's because I respected his wishes in his home. He asked me once what my corkscrew which I carry in my cooler was and I said, my bottle opener. He didn't ask what bottles it opened.
Imagine the freedom we felt when we were all together clearing out the years of accumulated "stuff". We were having our wine and beer just like we would at home.

Terri said...

great story; put a smile on my face!

Chelf said...

I had the same sort of experience with my hubby's parents over my Crock Pot Apple Butter. His mom LOVED it, and when she asked for the recipe, I just gave it to her. I add dark rum to the original recipe I got from a website somewhere. She never said anything, but then, she knows we don't go crazy with alcohol. But they, like my parents, don't drink. She did ask for more, the next time I make it, so I guess she wasn't too offended.

Deep down, my hubby is still scared of what his mom thinks. I have never been shy with the fact that I am an adult, and responsible at that, and both sets of parents can just deal.

I think it would be funny to see my MIL tipsy too. We are bad. Shame on us for being ornery daughters-in-law. :-)