Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Snow and wedding don't mix...

I guess it's time to post some more about our trip to Colorado for B's brother's wedding. Our drive there was a nightmare...the roads were terrible, they hadn't been cleared, and we were ready to kill each other by the time we got there!

Here we are in Lamar, CO, right before the roads started getting better...we were 6 hours into our trip, and had 2 1/2 more to go...

We made it ok, and after a hurried lunch and some frantic errands, we headed to the church to start decorating. Here's my SIL decorating the wagon that our nephew, the ring bearer, rode in while his older sis (on the right) pulled him.

SIL and I were bridesmaids, and here we are right before the ceremony started.

Aahhh, aren't they cute? These are our nieces and nephew on B's side. They were ALL in the wedding, and they all did an amazing job. In all, there were 5 flower girls and one ring bearer.

And finally, the whole fam-damily...this is the ONLY picture we have of the entire family, and it was at the end of the night after the wedding, when we were exhausted, and had long since changed out of our wedding clothes, but there we are. What a brood! (Bride and groom are on the far left in yellow shirts...and see my handsome hubby in red in the front?? Hot stuff!)

Oh, I guess that I should mention that the snow had almost completely melted by the time we headed home, so our trek back to KS was much more peaceful than the journey on Friday. 7 1/2 hours and we were home, where B had to rush to wash the car, mow 2 yards, and get ready to head back to work on Monday. Whew! Now, when is vacation??


SueZQue said...

It didn't stay long thought- that's the good thing, and you got here safe and sound. We appreciate you guys making the trip so much!! The mountains got even more snow this weekend!!! Two to three feet in some places!! So compared- what you went through wasn't that bad... :-)

Sally said...

compared to what I went thru, my foot...if it was any worse, we wouldn't have made it at all!

glad we did though! and glad you guys are married! enjoy!

Angel said...

You say fam-damily too? LOL I chuckled when I read that. You went to a wedding in colorado in the snow and we went to one on white beaches. You drove, we flew. We spent a fortune...sigh and while the beaches were beautiful we never relaxed so I hear you on the 'when is vacation'.

Great photos, great bunch of people. I'm glad you had fun and didn't kill each other.

Sally said...

Well, I actually got fam-damily from YOU...yes, I stole it! =)

And I guess our trips were kinda similar...you with your flying fear, and me with my snow/driving fear...I'm glad we both made it back! =) Let's go relax now!