Thursday, April 05, 2007

Which one of these doesn't belong?

It's April.
It's Spring.
Daffodils and tulips are in bloom.
It was 85 degrees on Monday.
My flip flops have been resurrected from the back of my closet.
It's snowing.

Yes, that's right...I said IT'S SNOWING!!! Of course, this is the one that doesn't belong...what the *&%$# is going on???

Monday it was 85 degrees, today it's 36! So crazy! I CAN NOT understand I have to go round up some sheets to cover my plants with tonight. Oh joy!

Guess I better not color those Easter eggs...we should be hunting white eggs on Sunday!


shell said...

wow! that's crazy. last weekend was really nice here, in the upper 70's and the beginning of the week it was in the low 40's. no snow, though.

Love Bears All Things said...

Yes, here in the south, it's winter again. I came to Alabama on Tuesday with a couple of pairs of long pants, 1 or 2 Ts with 3/4 sleeves and the rest shorts and short sleeves. The high today is supposed to be 53, and tonight 25. Burr! This is going on for several days, thru Easter Sunday. Luckily J is coming today from home and I have requested him to bring a few warmer things. It is fun to direct one's spouse on the navigation of the closet but he is getting good at it.