Thursday, March 01, 2007

Homemaking...what's that??

I saw this over on Blonde Chick's blog, and I like it, so here goes!

The ABC's of the Happy or Horrible Homemaker:

Aprons (Y/N): I have one, but I never use it...but I did give one to my niece for Christmas...I wonder if she'll ever use it.

Baking (Favorite thing to bake): I LOVE to bake...if for no other reason that I can sneak tastes of the dough or batter or whatever...what's my favorite?? Hmm...probably cookies or brownies or cakes or banana bread...I don't know, I love it all!

Clothesline (Y/N): Um...NO, and when I'm supposed to dry something FLAT, it ends up slung on top of the does ANYTHING dry if it's flat? NO air gets to it!

Donuts: I try to stay away, but I have a weakness for Krispy Kreme Devils Food...yum!

Every Day (One homemaking thing you do every day): Does hanging my towel up after my shower count? Cuz that's about it that happens EVERY day! I suppose I also heat something up in the microwave every day, too.

Freezer (Do you have a separate deep freeze?): No, but we have a separate fridge in the basement for just beer.

Garbage Disposal (Y/N): Yep! But, I've learned my lesson about using it for I'm pretty careful about what goes into it.

Handbook (What is your favorite homemaking resource?): MOM...totally!

Ironing (Love it or hate it?): HATE. HATE. HATE. I will do whatever it takes to NOT fact, just today I rebelled and wore jeans to work so I wouldn't have to iron. I used to not mind it so much...I'd grab a big pile of ironing and turn on the TV and go at it, but there are just too many other things I'd rather be doing.

Junk drawer (Y/N) (Where?): Yes! In the kitchen, and every time I open it, I say that I'm going to de-junk it, but it never happens. Oh well!

Love (What is your favorite part of homemaking?): Probably having a clean house to show off when people visit...but I hate to, it's a constant struggle!

Mop (Y/N): We've lived in our house 6 months, and I've mopped twice. Is that gross? I do vacuum it and spot clean a lot more than that. The floor in this house stays a lot cleaner than our last least to the naked eye.

Nylons: Do I wear nylons while I pretend to be a homemaker? Do I use nylons to clean my house? What exactly is this question asking?!

Oven (Do you use the window or open the door to check?): I start with the light, but you can't really tell what's going on by looking thru the window, so you HAVE to open the door.

Pizza (What do you put on yours?): My favorite is mushroom and ham...B is a meat man, so it's a meat lover's...which means we usually get a half and half pizza.

Quiet (What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?): A quiet momemt?? Well, if that ever happens, I read or catch up on my Tivo shows or play on the computer...but it's never QUIET...something is always making noise and moving around.

Recipe card box (Y/N): Yes, and I also have a lot of cookbooks as well. I finally stopped myself from buying more cookbooks because I don't use them...except for the family cookbook my mom made up years ago...and I also use the recipe box full of family recipes...when I cook.

Style of house: I've heard it called a Ranch house, but I think that's because it's not a 2-story. We do have a walk-out basement, also, and 4 bedrooms and more bathrooms than I care to clean.

Tablecloths and napkins? I have several tablecloths that I actually do use. I NEVER use cloth napkins, that seems like such a they ever come clean again??

Under the kitchen sink (Organized or toxic wasteland?): It's pretty organized, actually. Cleaning stuff, and dishwasher soap and extra sponges.

Vacuum (How many times per week?): Oh, are you supposed to vacuum EVERY week?? Oops! Well, with only 2 people and 2 small dogs...we probably vacuum about once every 2 weeks unless someone is coming over or the dogs have tracked something in. Are you catching on that I HATE to clean??? I LOVE a clean house, but I hate to take my own time to get it to that state.

Wash (How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?): I do about 2 and B does about 2, also. We do our own laundry...and sometimes I don't even do it every week...I stretch it to 2 weeks. That will all end when kids come along...I know, I know.

X’s (Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?): Maybe not daily, but I do use lists...that's the only way I feel I accomplish anything...and I make these lists while sitting in boring meetings at work.

Yard (Who does what?): ALL Hubby! I offered a gardener when I had a cleaning person, but he LIKES to do the yard...and I don't have a cleaning person anymore anyway. Of course, it does get old to mow all the grass we have now...and he's been taking care of Mom and Dad's yard, too. Winter was a welcome change on that front...but Spring is almost here!

Zzz’s: I'm usually in bed by 9pm and then I read for an hour, and I'm asleep by 10...weekday or weekend...yes, we're getting old...I cherish my sleep! Speaking of which, it's time to start heading that way! =)

If you join me in playing this MEME, let me know!


Blonde Chick said...

Thanks for visiting my site!

Love your answers!

Terry said...

I have enjoyed your past few posts.. The whole informative MEME themes.. I would respond but..... I am not married and almost never at home during the winter months...

Oh to be a homebody again!!!!

Someone get me out of this truck, PLEASE!!!!

Sally said...

Terry - maybe you can tell us about homemaking in your truck? =) I hope you've had a better week this week! I'm ready for the weekend!