Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Attempt

My attempt at what? Well, decorating...or my version of decorating.

I want my house to look like a professional decorator helped me out...but I'm too cheap to pay for an interior designer (no offense, Angel of Design). So, I rely on my mom, friends, magazines, and my hare-brained ideas.

I had one of those ideas while I was driving home from work one day. See, my mom helped me make AWESOME window treatments in my CA house...and because we made cornice boards and just about permanently attached them to the wall (thanks to B and Dad), I left them for the next owner. I left the cornices, that is...but under the cornice was a curtain mom and I made out of the coolest white sheer fabric that has stars on it. See, my theme in the kitchen and breakfast nook is Americana...heavy on the stars.

So, I have the star fabric with me...but the cornice board had scalloped edges, and we covered it in fabric and it was a PAIN to make...and since mom isn't here with me...I wasn't about to try to re-create it. But, I had another idea that was much easier and more on my level. I'll let the pictures speak for me...check it out. It's not EXACTLY what I want...but it will do until mom gets out here to help me change it up.


Terry said...

I love the sheers!!!

I think you did a very nice job!!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love it! And the color of the walls, what's it called?