Sunday, March 04, 2007


My cell phone rang while I was on my way to work Friday morning. It was my almost-SIL (I say almost because she's marrying hubby's brother in about 6 weeks)...she and BIL live in Colorado, and they're on mountain hour earlier than us. It was 6:20am her time. Here's how the conversation went:

SIL: *frantic* Are you ok??

Me: are you?

SIL: What's the weather like??

Me:'s sunny and cold...(I'm thinking what the heck is she getting at?)

SIL: Well, is it storming?

Me: was windy last night, but it's sunny and clear now...what's going on?

SIL: There's a Andover! It just touched down! I just woke up and heard about it. Are you guys OK???

Just a note here...Andover is a town on the east side of Wichita, where B's other brother, wife and their 2 girls live.

Me: Are you sure? I'm about 15 miles from there and it's still clear and sunny. I've had the radio mention of a tornado in Andover.

SIL: Well, I just woke up to that on the news! They're talking about a tornado in ANDOVER! Fiance is on the phone with his mom now. Are you SURE you're ok?

Me: We're fine! Are you sure it's not the ALABAMA tornado? That's what the news is talking about now. Are you awake yet?

SIL: Well...I don't know...I'm sure they said Andover...I think. I'll talk to you later...after I figure out what's going on...

Me: Well, y'know...Andover, Alabama...sounds the same *snicker* Talk to ya later.

It was a humorous conversation, and we STILL aren't sure what she heard on the news, but there was NO tornado in Andover...unfortunately, there WAS the one in Enterprise, Alabama. I can not imagine what that town is going through right now. Tornados scare the CRAP out of me...and to go through something so devestating in high school...those kids are brave!

Blogging has really opened my eyes to things outside of my little circle. I hate to admit this, but Katrina didn't really impact me that much. I know that sounds terrible, but I was living in California when Katrina hit. Our weather was sunny and was hard for me to imagine a big storm hitting anywhere right then. Even afterwards when I saw pictures, I was a little callous...thinking, why didn't these people prepare, why didn't they evacuate when they got the warning...why were they living down there in the first place?? And here was something that changed peoples lives FOREVER!

I have friends all over the who works in Manhattan even, and when 9/11 hit, I was terrified...because I knew she was right in the middle of it. I don't have any friends in New Orleans, and even though my sister is in Alabama, she is hours from the coast where the Katrina devestation hit. I was happy and content in my little world, and it would surprise me to hear about weather that was so different from MY weather.

But, blogging has changed all that. Daily I read about people all over the country, a few outside of the country even. I read about what's happening in their, politics, tragedies, celebrations...all of that is happening AT THE SAME TIME as what I'm going through. Moving to the middle of the country has affected that also. I feel like I'm closer to...more of the world maybe? I'm not sure how to describe it, but I don't feel as sheltered anymore. What do ya 32 years of age, my eyes are being opened to things outside of my immediate surroundings.


DraMa said...

as silly as blogging is considered to be by some people, those who are committed to it really do enjoy some great "side effects" from it. You get to know people all over the world that you otherwise wouldn't have met. when that happens, you begin to relate to things all over the world that are happening because chances are you know someone in that region that might be affected. it's fun as well as life changing.

shell said...

blogging can be an eye opener at times.

i'm in a tiny town in CA and we were effected by Katrina. At the time I was working at a hotel that had a property in the French Quarter that was pretty well destroyed. We had 3 colleagues transfered to our hotel from there. It was a nightmare for them and to date, only one of them has gone back. The other two have moved on, but neither of them have a home to go home to. They had stayed the course of the hurricane to help people evaculate, all without power or electricity. And they were stuck in the hotel for 3 days without a way to get out. I think the hotel was a little more than 1/2 full of guests at the time, too. They then helped people get on busses to our Texas hotel. It was a nightmare, to say the least.

ever since 9/11, i watch the news in the morning to see what's going on. i also am constantly reading newspapers on line. you never know when something can come by and change your life in a blink of an eye.

SueZQue said...

And I still say they said Andover east of Wichita!!! But I guess I was dreaming it. Glad you all got a good snicker out of it. N said it gave him a good laugh too. But I still swear that's what I heard. See if I call to check on anyone again... :-)

Sally said...

Hey, it was good to hear from you no matter what...and I PRAY you never have to make that call when something has really happened. But, it was pretty funny!

SueZQue said...

Btw- I'm marrying BIL in only 40 short days!!!! Can you believe its almost here?!? :-) Invites were in the mail this morning!

Love Bears All Things said...

I saw your link over at little trucker so thought I'd look you up. I agree about Blogging open up new worlds. It's great! Hey, at least she was concerned about you!