Friday, March 30, 2007

So many new things!

Spring is in the air...thank God! Hubby has had to mow the grass 3 times already, and it's the most beautiful green right now. There are gorgeous pink tulips that are planted at the entrance to our neighborhood, and there are yellow daffodils popping up everywhere! The trees in our backyard have leaves on them, and now we're just waiting for the oak trees to wake up.

All of these things have happened because the rain has been coming down for DAYS now. I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I hate the gloom and wet and humid and slippery part of rain...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what the rain does. It makes everything new and beautiful and clean!

BUT, that's not the only new stuff going on with us right now!

My little sister called me 2 days ago. She started out by saying that she didn't think they'd be able to go to CA for Thanksgiving this year (she lives in AL). See, Mom and Dad are moving to KS next spring, so Mom wants one more holiday with all of us in CA...but lil sis has a way of throwing wrenches in our family plans. So, immediately I'm mad at's how the conversation went:

Lil Sis: So, um, I don't think we're going to make it to CA for Thanksgiving this year.

Me: WHAT??!! You KNOW mom wants us all there for one LAST holiday -

Lil Sis: Well, we're going to be really busy

Me: Busy?? C'mon, you missed Christmas last year, and you're always changing plans.

Lil Sis: It's just not going to wor -

Me: (Interrupting now and turning red in the face) Naner, what is going -

Lil Sis: See, our baby is going to be 2 weeks old then, and we won't be able to travel...

Me: (speechless for 1.5 seconds, if you can believe it) Wait...did you say you're having a baby??

Needless to say, my anger VERY quickly subsided...and I'm so excited...and already planning on spending Thanksgiving in AL holding my newest niece or nephew! This was a surprise to Lil Sis and her hubby, but not unwelcome. My mom got so excited when she heard that she said: "So, I'm going to be another grandma??!" LiL Sis laughed and said, "Well, you won't become another person, but yes, you're going to be a grandma again."

Ok, so the new baby is a HUGE thing, but there's still more! (Am I starting to sound like Bob Barker as he explains a Showcase at the end of The Price is Right??)

Hubby has been in the process of making a career change for several months now. He has been in the logistics industry for 15 years, and he was very tired of it. So, about 2 months ago, he started substitute teaching. I've always said he'd be a GREAT teacher -- he loves kids, kids love him, and he has a TON of patience...and he'd finally started to consider teaching. But, he found out that he'd have to go back to school for almost 2 years before he could become a full-fledged teacher, at which time he would be earning peanuts as a teacher in the great state of Kansas.

So, he started looking for another logistics job...which didn't please either one of us. Even though the money is good in logistics, he is NOT a happy camper when he's doing those jobs. At the same time, Mom and Dad suggested a few websites for government jobs. See, B was in the USMC for 6 years, and he's wanted to go back into it for years, but I wouldn't let him. Being a government employee would be a compromise.

Well, this week, B found out that he got a job with the U.S. Government! He is so excited! He starts on Monday...and although we're not exactly sure what he'll be doing, it will be 1000 times better than what he's done in the past. And, he gets every possible holiday, and I'm praying for awesome benefits.

B called my Dad (who's also a federal employee) the day he found out and said, "This is just one government employee calling another..."

Once again, I have to make mention that God's timing is amazing!!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


shell said...

hey miss!

congrats on being an auntie again! :) that's so exciting!!!

and so happy that b got a job again, and one that i'm sure he'll love. :-)

Terry said...

Wooo hooo, that is awesome news!! All of it... A new baby, is this her first??

Congrats to hubby!! I hope to ease my way out of my current job situation soon, so I know this is a very exciting time for you both!!

Sally said...

Yes, this is her first...they want a bunch, so they need to get started! =)

SueZQue said...

How was B's first day at new job?!?

Love Bears All Things said...

Is it normal for lil sis to make you mad before giving you good news. That's exciting! And the job thing, all things work for good for those who serve the Lord. Where in AL is your sis?

Sally said...

Lil Sis lives in Tuscaloosa, AL. She and her hubby work for a Christian non-profit agency down there.