Friday, March 09, 2007

This is why I haven't been posting...

This has been my view for the last several weeks...making it very difficult to post anything...I'm swamped!

I do most of my blogging from work in between other tasks, or when I just can't take corporate America anymore. Unfortunately, I haven't even had those little breaks lately.

It's good and it's bad. Good because work is more bearable now that I'm busier, and I have INTERESTING projects to work on. It's bad because I enjoy blogging. I've been able to squeeze in time to read other's blogs...and to make the occasional comment...but not nearly enough time to post as much as I would like to.

Here's my other view...out the opening in my cube...oh what fun! Oh yeah, you can also see part of my ugly and messy desk. I have very little working space in this cube...but I haven't complained because it's only temporary...we're getting ready to move to a new office where I'll get all new furniture...too bad it's on the plant floor and far away from the parking lot!

Oh, the other reason I haven't been posting as much is because there is NOTHING exciting going on in my life right now. Do you all REALLY want to read about how I get up, go to work, go to the gym, go home, eat cereal or soup for dinner, watch a little TV, shower and go to bed...only to get up and do it all over again the next day? I didn't think so.

BUT...there is something VERY exciting happening next weekend...I just can't talk about it yet b/c it's a secret...but believe me...I'll share all after next weekend. In the meantime, I'm going to try to do something that warrants putting makeup on over the weekend. Have a great weekend!


Angel said...

Why not? That's what's happening. I know my life is mundane and boring and yet you visit my blog. LOL.

Sally said...

I love to read about all of your antics and the funny things your kids do...I think I've been in a funk lately...but the weather is warming up, the sun is out, and I'm snapping out of it!

I hate February...I'm so glad it's I can get on with my life!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!