Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Meme from Shell

Shell tagged me for this meme, and since it's a VERY slow week at work I have plenty of time to do it. Merry Christmas!

“When people say ‘Christmas’ you immediately think…” Christ is born! family and friends, yummy sweet treats, fun decorations...maybe some snow.

“Favorite Christmas memory…” after my brother, sister and I were all adults, Christmas became even more fun, I think. We stopped traveling all over the state to visit relatives, and just had our own immediate family celebration. We'd take it slow in the morning, sometimes making breakfast before we opened gifts. A lot of times we were still in jammies when we did open gifts, so there aren't a lot of photos of that! =) Then instead of a huge Christmas dinner, we'd just snack all day and play games and do puzzles and watch movies. And a lot of times, we'd head out to the movie theater in the afternoon or evening (we did this a lot when dad was an air traffic controller and had to kept us occupied til he could come home).

“Favorite Christmas song/carol…” Wow! There's no way I could pick just one, I LOVE Christmas music. I like Mary, Did you Know? Silent Night, Santa Baby, I could go on and on

“Favorite Christmas character…” Baby Jesus

"Favorite Christmas movie..." it's a wonderful life, a Christmas story and Christmas vacation, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas with the Kranks

“Favorite Christmas ornament/object…” We have a lot of ornaments from our travels together -- Wyoming, Maine, Ireland, Hawaii, Pismo Beach. And I love all the ones from when I was growing up - ones I made, some others made for me, and the photo ornaments I add to each year -- I love them all!

“Plans for this Christmas…” Christmas Eve we'll make donuts at the 'Rents, then head to Christmas Eve service with my SIL and her family. Christmas Day we'll head back to the IL's for gifts and food and games and nieces.

“Is Christmas your favorite holiday?” I didn't used to think so, but I get so excited about it now, and I love to decorate and bake and have snow...I think it may be my favorite one.


shell said...

yay! thanks for playing. but i bet you still would have played even if you weren't slow at work. :-)

Chelf said...

Mary Did You Know? is my favorite Christmas song. Mark Lowry (stand up comedian and author of this song) is so funny. Thinking of Mary asking Jesus if he was born in a barn. Hee hee.