Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was trying to post this with the video on the post below...but youtube is NOT cooperating. Anyway...

We had our second snow of the season last night and today, we missed the first one because we were out of town.

I'm so excited we're here this time! It's gorgeous out! And I'm becoming a true Kansan...I got out in the snow this morning and went to the gym, and then Colonel and I had to go out again to run a couple errands.

We only got a few inches, and I'm wishing that we got more because it will probably all melt within 2 days...but at least we can enjoy how pretty it is right now.

Here's what it looked like when we woke up this morning. The puppies had a blast playing in the snow. We'll have to take them out for a walk later this afternoon.


shell said...

soo pretty! i love that you get to have a white christmas. you package will be in the mail tomorrow and i loved your christmas letter! it's the best one i've received yet!!

Angel said...

Snow is beautiful. I hope you didn't get effected by the ice storms and hope you are doing well.

Sally said...

Angel!! How are YOU?? It's great to hear from you!

Somehow the ice storm just missed us. A town about 45 minutes northwest of= us got a lot of ice, and then about a foot of snow, and a lot of them stil=l don't have power back. I'm glad that didn't happen to us. Our trees did freeze a little - but no broken branches, and we only got a few inches of snow, and we never lost power. I actually wish we would have gotten's all melting already.

Shell - I'll tell Colonel what you said about the's my favorite one that he's ever written!