Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No work!

I'm home from work today, and I didn't even have to play hooky.

We are in the midst of an ice storm, although so far it hasn't been as bad as predicted. Yesterday, all anyone could talk about was the coming ice storm and how it could be just as bad as the storm of 2005. We didn't live here in 2005, but I've heard all the stories now. It was pretty bad, and people were afraid this one would be just as bad. Apparently, a lot of people lost power for up to a week, tree branches broke off from the weight of the ice, and the whole town shut down.

Luckily, it hasn't gotten that bad yet.

My trees ARE covered in ice, but so far we've just had rain, not freezing rain. Of course, it's hovering around 30 degrees, so the water on the ground could freeze at any time.

My company did a smart thing - for once. About 2pm yesterday, they decided to shut the plant down for today. Employees were talking about calling in anyway, so there probably wouldn't have been enough people to run the lines. So, here I sit, blogging away. I'm going to try really hard to be productive today. I have cookies to make for our bunco/cookie exchange on Thursday, gifts to wrap, bills to pay, bathrooms to clean...let's see how far I get.

I hope all of you fellow midwesterners are suviving this ice storm. It sounds like it's a lot worse south of us, so Chelf - be careful!


Suezque said...

Wow- I think I'll take my snow-coverd ice anyday. Although a day at home does sound nice right about now. Don't forget to rest mommy :-)

Jenni said...

Are you sure that ice storm was in 2005? It seems like the really bad one a few years back was the year before we moved into this house. We were still building this house and living in Wichita. Our power was out in the house in Wichita for about 5 days, but it came on quicker out here in the not-yet-finished house. I've since noticed that power outages are much rarer and much, much shorter out here in the country. Crazy, isn't it?

Sally said...

Hmm, Jenni, I don't know. All the girls in the salon last night while I was getting my hair cut were talking about 2005.

But, this whole thing (so far!) has turned out to just be rain. But, I'm not complaining, I got a day off work!

Gina said...

Be careful out there! And a day off of work is always awesome!

Terry said...

I heard Missouri got hit really hard this time.....Glad it passed you by. One of the things I love about my drive into the NE is the walls of ice on the sides of mountains, where they cut the roads....It gets so thick that the ice is BLUE.....I just hate it when the ice is on the roadway itself....

Chelf said...

THANK YOU, You are so sweet to think of me!

My other Wichita friend is coming to town on Friday. We are expecting snow, sometime Friday as well.

My house is one of 2,247 in my neighborhood, and 141,000+ in the whole of the Oklahoma City metro that is still without power. I am on day 4. I am thankful to have good friends and family in the area.

The roads were never really bad, but the ice broke so many trees! Those trees took out power lines. At one point, they were saying there were over 600,000 customers (only from the largest company) without power statewide. That is houses, not people.

We are warmed and fed, and I can't ask for much more than that!