Friday, April 25, 2008

Lil Major is IT

At a whopping 3 weeks old, Lil Major has been tagged for a MEME by his cousin, Captain, aka Micah. His cousin wants to know 10 things about him. So, I sat down and interviewed Lil Major, and here's what he had to say:

1. I was born 3 weeks and 2 days earlier than my due date. My mommy and daddy weren’t exactly ready for me, but I think they’re glad that I’m here now, even though Mommy had to stay in the hospital for 5+ days to make sure that both of us were ok.

2. I have 2 cousins with birthdays in April, also. But, mine is the first in the month. One of my cousins turned 11 a week after I was born, and the other one – his sister – turned 10 fifteen days after I was born. I can’t wait to meet them!

3. People say I look just like my daddy. I have curly hair, eyes shaped like his, and big blue eyes. I already have facial expressions like my Daddy, too, and I sleep like him, too. I also look a little like my mommy. I got her little mouth, but Daddy says her mouth is ANYTHING but little.

4. I will get to grow up in the same town where both sets of my grandparents live. Daddy’s parents have lived here for a long time, and Mommy’s parents moved here just before I was born. That will be so fun to have them close by.

5. My big cousin, Micah (but I call him Captain), was born 5 months before me. He’s so cool because he loans me all of his clothes after he outgrows them. And guess what?? He’s on a plane RIGHT NOW to come meet me. He’s bringing Aunt Jana along, and we’re going to have SO much fun. Right now he seems really big compared to me, but we’ll actually be in the same grade at school once we get big enough.

6. Mommy and Daddy are very tired these days. Sometimes Mommy falls asleep while she feeds me...but I guess that’s ok, because sometimes I fall asleep when I’m eating. I’ve had bad tummy aches lately, and it makes me cry a lot. This makes Mommy sad and Daddy confused. He always tries to change my diaper when I get fussy.

7. Even though I’m the first “real” kid in my family, I came home to meet my furry brother and sister, Rerun and Lucy. They aren’t sure what to make of me. But, they’re very friendly and nice. Lucy always wants to help Mommy calm me down, but Rerun runs away when I start crying.

8. Lots of people have done really nice things for my family since I got here. Some of the people at our church bring Mommy and Daddy dinner every couple of days. Mommy and Daddy really like this because they say they get to eat "real" food on those nights...since Mommy doesn't really cook much. We also have received flowers and plants from people who love us. Mommy's good friend Shell, who is having a little girl this summer - I bet she'll be cute - sent some really pretty flowers when Mommy went into the hospital.

Mommy also got some flowers from people she works with:

And because I got here early, I got to go to a shower for Mommy. It was kinda weird though, because no one got wet. But, I got a bunch of cool stuff! Here's a picture of Mommy and her friends who gave the party.

9. Mommy laughed really loud, and scared me, when she opened a gift from her good friend Brenda in CA. Mommy and Brenda used to work together. This was the first thing Mommy saw when she opened the box:

But, we don't like the Cowboys very much, so Mommy said I can suck on them.

Then Mommy saw this in the box next.

Mommy told me it's ok if I wear them, so I can puke on the Raiders.

And then we got to the good stuff...

10. Right now I might be little...

...but Daddy says I'm going to be a GIANT someday. Daddy checks my arm span every couple days, and instead of tummy time, we do calisthenics. I did a push up on Daddy's chest a few days ago!

UPDATE: So, after I posted this, my sister reminded me that Lil Major needs to tag some of his buddies, so let's tag Hudson, Gray, and Ollie.


Laura said...

Great list, Lil' Major! You're so smart...and funny. It's so great that you have both sets of grandparents right there in town with you! Keep up with those calisthenics! Looks like you're growing and getting stronger all the time!!

suezque said...

Lil' Major is gonna be a great blogger! Cute list! Only 5 more weeks til I get to come spoil him a little bit! :-) I can't wait. (And maybe I'll spoil mom & dad too... you never know ;-)

Jayme said...

He DOES look just like Brian. Neal and our girls "played" tennis instead of tummy time...and the calistheniscs are hilarious.

Band of Brothers said...

hi little major,Ollie here filling in for mommy. mommy has been very busy lately so she has put me in charge of blogging for the next few days.i'm happy you tagged me, let's be cyber friends.

mommy thinks your mommy and daddy are very funny--especially the part where your daddy doesn't think your mommy's mouth is small and how your daddy tries to change your diaper whenever you are fussy. sorry your tummy hurts. my brothers and I all had tummy aches and mommy spent a fortune on gas drops. i will try to do a blog on my tag game soon.

Lewis Family said...

Ok, Ok, totally weird, but I read your blog even though I don't know you!! (I linking from the Hoopers, you can link to ours from theirs) If you every need any advice on fussy babies, I won the lottery with my son when he was little! He actually was diagnosed when he was 6 months old with GERD, but I have tons of triks up my sleave. Lots and lots of Milicon!! (I really am normal, but when I read about someone with a fussy baby my heart achs.)

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, it is nice to meet you, Lil Major. You look so contented in the first photo. Someone must be doing something right. Tell Mommy to keep a journal. Just a few words about your day will do. She'll be happy she did later on.
Mama Bear

Chelf said...

Lil' Major, it was so fun to meet you last weekend. You were asleep for the whole visit, but "Anutie" Chelf and her DH think you are pretty special.

We are laughing too, about sucking on the Cowboys and puking on the Raiders. You Go! Go Chiefs!

Jody said...

OK, that was probably the best meme I've ever read. :) Such a smart boy you have.

Lewis Family said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog, and trusing me that I'm not crazy :) .... Anyhow, we live in Bakersfield, own a home off Renfro and Brimhall (farmiliar???). We live there durinng the baseball off season, Colby (my husband) was actually born there, as was our son, Cade). We were offered a great job playing baseball in Japan, so here we are for 5 months. That is very funny you used to live in Bakersfield. Here is somehthing only you and I can joke about, Colby went to North HS and I went to Centennial HS, so there is an ongoing rivilary between the two of us during sporting events around town. LOL
I look forward to seeing your posts on mommyhood!! Its fun and hard but so worth it!!!