Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on Lil Major

Hey, all! This is Jana checking in, on behalf of my sis. I just got off the phone w/ her and, because she's stuck in a hospital room w/ no access to the internet, she asked me to come on here and update everyone on what's going on.

First off, my parents made it safely into town yesterday afternoon! Thanks for any and all prayers that went out for them.

My mom and Sally went to her dr. appt. this morning for her blood pressure check, with hopes that it had dropped after everything that happened on Tuesday. No such luck - it was 164/98. So, they sent her to the hospital for more tests and observation. She arrived at the hospital about 10am and, at some point, when they took her BP it was back to normal - YAY!! But, her doctor ordered an ultrasound and pelvic exam so they couldn't be discharged until they got the results back. So they waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. About SIX HOURS LATER they came back in to let Sally know that they still didn't have the results, and they refused to let her go home until they had them back. By this time, as you can expect, she was tired of being at the hospital and agitated w/ the nurses. Finally, they came back in to discharge her but decided to first check her BP again (b/c that's what you should do after you've made a pregnant woman wait for hours, letting her anxiety build!). . . this time, it was 178/108!!! The absolute highest it had been! :( Just when she thought she'd be heading home for the night (or to the huge consignment sale she'd been dying to go to all day!), they informed her that she was going to be staying overnight.

They have since given her Magnesium to help w/ the blood pressure and to prevent seizures and, at this point, we have no idea what they'll decide come morning. I think The Colonel is going to head to the hospital tonight to stay w/ her, but don't quote me on that. Someone will be there with her.

Also, FYI, Sally's screen is broken on her cell phone, so she can't see her phone book to make any calls. Which means, unless she knows your # by heart (which, she's assured me is probably not likely), don't be hurt if you're expecting a call and it doesn't come.

Hopefully she'll be back home tomorrow to update you all herself . . . if not, I'll do my best! Thank you for all who are praying for her and my little nephew.

Oh yeah, and at this point, she has dilated to 1cm and is 50% effaced.



suezque said...

Wow- tell her G and I are praying- and please keep us updated!

Terri said...

whoa - I'm praying for you and Lil Major Sally!