Friday, April 04, 2008

Major changes!

Sally sat on her hospital bed, fixing her make-up and preparing to be discharged . . finally! After all, it had been over 30 hrs. since she'd been admitted into an out-patient room for a few simple tests, and she was told that as soon as her urine tests came back she'd be released!

Then the phone rang. She answered it to find her OB on the other end of the line.

Has your doctor there at the hospital been in to talk to you yet?

Um . . . no, Sally said hesitantly.

Oh. Well, we got your urine tests back . . . your doctor should be in there soon to talk to you about them.

WHAT?! What does that mean?!!!Not long after, the doctor entered the room and explained that, in fact, they did have the results from the urine test . . . and it wasn't looking good. They found protein in it, evidence of preeclampsia, which only meant one thing. Sally would not be going home today.


That's right. My sister is still in the hospital . . this time, for good. They have ordered her to be moved into a birthing room where she will be given two types of hormones, in addition to Magnesium, to help induce labor. Lil Major is on his way!!! Depending on how quickly/slowly her labor progresses, at some point she will also be given pitocin. Sally's a little freaked out by how quickly everything has changed and is very nervous (and scared!) about what's about to happen. Please continue to keep her, Lil Major, and my family in your prayers during the next few days.

- Pray for labor and delivery
- Pray for Lil Major - that he would be born healthy and well
- Pray for Sally's health, BP, and anxiety levels
- Pray for The Colonel - he's a little freaked out, too, not fully understanding all that is going on

Right now our entire family (except me, of course) is in town (brother included) to be with her and support her - Praise God! Not sure when D and I will make it out there due to finances but we're hoping to meet this little guys SOON!!! Thanks for your prayers for my sis and our family.

For now,


Rach said...

I'm so excited for Little Major to arrive. I will pray right now for no "major" complications, but that all will go smoothly and fears and anxieties will be relieved. I got teared up reading that post. I can only imagine the emotions Sally and The Colonel must be feeling, having not expected to meet Lil Major so soon. But, yay for Little Major! Prayers are going up right now!

Davi said...

Oh wow, I don't know why little babies always make me cry, but I'm a little teary here. Major prayers!

abbagirl74 said...

Hi Jana. Would you ask Sally if it is okay if I send something to the hospital? Thanks! Shoot me an email and let me know where.

Christine said...

Praying for you Sally,B, & little Major. I know God has you in His hands right now.

Sally said...

abbagirl - i can't find your email anywhere. do you have sally's? cause i can email you back if you email her. :)

Terry said...

My thought and prayers are with your family at this time..... I am so excited!! Can't wait to see pics of the Lil Major....

Marge said...

Jana, you're doing a great job--thanks for doing it! I will pray. Love you, Sally!!!

Jill said...

Hi- I'm friends with Jayme, she's been keeping me updated. Please tell Sally that I'm praying for her... and I had my first in the same hospital same floor, and I had a good experience. Can't wait to meet the little one!

Sunshine said...

I hope everything goes OK!!