Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thirteen Signs that I'm a Mommy

I've never done this Thursday Thirteen thing before, but I thought I'd give it a shot this time. Here are 13 signs that I'm now a Mommy...

1. I no longer can eat a meal from start to finish without being interrupted by a hungry or dirty baby.

2. I now do laundry every day where I used to be able to stretch it to every 2 weeks.

3. I started this post this morning, and only got this far - it's 12 hours later and I'm attempting to finish.

4. I've been puked on more times in the last 3 days than I was in 5 years of college.

5. When it's the middle of the night, and I'm exhausted, I still get up and smile down at my son as he starts to wake up looking for a meal.

6. When I shop, I (willingly) bypass the women's clothes and head straight for the adorable baby section.

7. I drive an SUV with a stroller and a car seat inside.

8. My house is full of baby items, most of which I had no idea about until very recently.

9. My heart aches when the little guy starts to squeal, and I almost burst into tears when his little chin starts quivering.

10. I call my girlfriends and talk about spit up, bouncy chairs and feeding schedules instead of shopping trips, books we've read and our next vacations.

11. My counter is covered in bottles and breast pump accessories.

12. The pediatrician is on speed dial on my cell phone, and we've already been to her office 3 times (4th visit will be tomorrow).

13. I'm too exhausted to think of a 13th thing -- that should be evidence of a mommy right there.


Rach said...

Wow! Definitely sounds like you qualify as a sure-fire, fully initiated MOMMY. Sorry I haven't congratulated you yet. I've read your blogs, but just haven't had a chance to comment. SO, CONGRATULATIONS SALLY! He is ADORABLE! Absolutely PRECIOUS! But, you already know that. I love your list. Maybe I'll have to try a 13 list. I especially love that you started the post and didn't finish it until 12 hours later. You are so a mom!

Band of Brothers said...

I am loving this!!! It is so heart-warming to watch a new mommy. I'm smiling as I read your post. And I still can't remember the last time I ate a warm meal.

suezque said...

Good list! Sounds like you're getting the hang of this mommy thing! :-)

Paulette said...

This is hilarious! It's so fun to watch you become a mom. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!

Jody said...

LOL! Definately a mommy! Welcome to the club!

Agnes said...

So fun...I can totally relate. We've taken to eating dinner around 8:30 - 9 after the baby's gone to bed so that we can eat a warm meal, uninterrupted.

And I know what you mean about the shopping thing...

I'm so glad we get to experience new mommy-hood together! I just wish we lived closer!

Chelf said...

So... what's my excuse?

Most of those (well, not the breast pump accessories) apply to me.

You gonna be around and available for a visit tomorrow? We are going to Wichita for Saturday and Sunday. Hoping to meet the Colonel and the Lil Major.

Laura said...

SUCH a great list! Oh, I never liked the chin quiver thing. Too sad (although sweet...because he's just asking for his mama). Sounds like you are doing such a great job!!

Scott and Lorie said...

Gosh I remember all those things so well. I'm impressed you're doing laundry-my c-section kicked my butt.

It's so fun to hear all your new "momminess". And get used to the not eating a whole meal thing. =) I think it'll be several years before you actually get a peaceful meal.
But worth it huh?

M&C said...

So fun... I'm laughing at the comment on the barf... yeah, barf doesn't really phase me anymore, but my husband still freaks out everytime Sam gets rid of his breakfast (or lunch, or dinner...). I mean, even though it is gross, they are still so stinking adorable when they do it!

Love Bears All Things said...

sounds like a state of bliss to me.
Mama Bear

abbagirl74 said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a beautiful baby!!!

Carrie said...

Great list Sally! Love it!