Monday, April 21, 2008


The Colonel had to go back to work today. I miss him. I loved being home together. I wonder how he's doing after getting less than normal sleep last night? We're working on ways to become independently wealthy so we can stay home together always!

There are SO many things that I want/need to do in the hour to three hours I have while Lil Major naps. And it never seems like enough time to get done what I really need to. I HAVE managed to write a lot of thank yous, do a bunch of laundry, and get a shower pretty much every day. But, my floors are disgusting, as are the bathrooms, I need to wash our sheets, vacuum the floor and clean off the counters. I suppose I'll eventually get to it all.

In the meantime, Carrie posted a prayer that she prays for her little one every night, and I LOVE it. I'm going to steal it and start using it to pray for Lil Major. Check it out here.


suezque said...

That prayer is neat! Will be something for me to remember down the road too! You can never thank God enough for all the blessings he has given us- including all our little ones! :-) Glad that the Kernal got to stay home a little bit with you guys!

Daisy said...

Do yourself a favor and hire a cleaning service to come once a week-- even if it's only for a month. It can seem like a lot of money, but it is SO worth it! You've got other things to worry about, and now is a great time to give yourself a break. Money well spent, trust me!

Amy said...

two things...if you find a way to be independently wealthly...please let me know! i KNOW i'm going to be in the same boat with you!
and...i totally agree with daisy...l and i are looking at it just during the transition!

Jayme said...

:) I am loving watching you enter the mommy world. :) It changes who you are instantly doesn't it.

I'm sure you are doing great job. I'm hoping for a vist maybe this weekend...will your sister be around?

Overwhelmed! said...

I love that prayers! It's so beautiful...much more eloquent than the prayer I say with my son each night.

One thing I do with him (he's now 3) is bless all of our extended family members in order of age (his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of our family).

For example, I say, "Please God, bless Grandma & Grandpa K, bless Uncle R & Aunt T with Ross & Alexa, bless Uncle M & Aunt A with Sam & Ella, etc." I do this to help him learn the names of his extended family and which cousins belong to which aunt and uncle. This helps him because he doesn't see them often. Most live out of state.

Take care!