Saturday, November 24, 2007

He's confused...

It seems that I'm the only one who likes the nickname Mud for my new nephew. And even though this is my blog, and I can call him whatever I want, I've caved and deciedd to call him something else. My sister said that I could use his real name, but that's not as much fun to me, so from here on out (until I change my mind again), I will call my new nephew...Captain.

This name is suggested by my hubby, who I have always called B in my blog, but with our own Little Major coming and Captain arriving as my nephew -- it's time to rename my hubby...B is kinda boring (even though I sometimes call him that in real life now)...but with all these military names, let's change B's name to Colonel. From here on out (with some reminders for those of you - like me - who will forget) my husband will be known as Colornel. (By the way, he's jumping up and down that he's finally gotten his way and I've started to call him Colonel.)

Anyway, enough of this name talk...let's get on to the cutey cute pictures of Captain.

These first 3 let you know how confused the poor kid is already. His parents are die hard Chiefs fans, he has a step-aunt who is a Packers fan, and he now lives in Colts here are the outfits that he has worn in the past couple days.

Here's my dad holding the pretend Packers fan:

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Christine said...

Mikayla approves of the third outfit!