Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's my sister's fault

I did not sleep well last night...for the 3rd night in a row! I blame it on my sister because as she nears the end of her pregnancy, she's not sleeping well either, and it's obviously affecting my sleep as well...even though she's 12 hours away.

I was exhausted last night after not having slept well the previous 2 nights and after spending 3 hours in a car dealership earlier in the evening (more on that later), so I was SURE that I would sleep well. I woke up my usual 3-4 times to pee, and JUST LIKE the 2 nights before, I couldn't go back to sleep when I got back to bed.

FINALLY, I fell asleep...only to find myself in the middle of another wacky dream. This time I was on a solo-overnight-shopping trip, and my sister called to ask to meet me for dinner (since it's a dream, it doesn't matter that she lives 12 HOURS AWAY). I said okay, and then got busy and was late to meet her. When I walked into the restaurant, there were all my Buddies, ALL of them! And my sister. It was so good to see everyone, and we had fun chatting and hanging out. Then I noticed that my sister had NO belly, but she was still supposed to be pregnant. She was wearing some VERY revealing clothes, and there was definitely no belly and she had this cute little toned butt (sorry for telling so much, Janer). I asked her what was up, and she just said she was "hiding" her belly. For some reason, that explanation was acceptable to me. Soon after that, we all dispersed, and I woke up.

And then I heard the middle of the night, 3am, I heard a cell phone beeping that there was a missed call. I had finally gotten sleepy and comfortable, so I laid there for a couple minutes to make sure I heard the beep for real. There is was again. I jumped out of bed because I was SURE that Sister had called to tell me she was going to the hospital or that my nephew had arrived (she started having contractions yesterday!). But when I looked at my phone, there were no missed calls. But, I had heard that beep. So, I checked B's phone. It was his that was going off.

His buddy had called about 20 minutes after we went to bed last night. This guy is kinda weird. He's the one we went shooting with a couple weeks ago. Ever since he and B got back in touch, this guy calls ALL THE TIME. And if B doesn't answer his phone, he calls again, and again, and again. I shouldn't be so hard on him - he's a nice guy, kinda strange, but nice, and single - so he's glad to be back in touch with hubby. Since B missed the call last night, this guy called back at 6am this morning. I was irritated at first, but he was supposed to pick up B at 6:30am for them to get breakfast and head to the conceal and carry class together, but B's buddy got called in to work, so he was calling to cancel.

Of course, by then I was wide awake and there was no chance at any more sleep this morning, so as B climbed BACK into bed, I got up, and here I am blogging and trying to get my day started. I'm going to the gym this morning and then shopping at a craft fair with my MIL this afternoon. Then tomorrow we head out to KC to celebrate our 7th anniversary (and Veterans Day) and watch the Chiefs tromp all over the Broncos. Go Chiefs!

By the way, Happy Birthday to all the Marines out is the USMC birthday!


Jana said...

LOL. blaming ME, huh?? sorry you couldn't sleep - i got some GREAT sleep last night (sorry)! but seriously, i slept super hard last night and only woke up like 3 times! it was incredible. i'm glad you dreamed about me having a great body and such . . . maybe that means i'll be able to get back in shape pretty quickly! HA! anywhoo . . . i'll try not to have this baby in the middle of the night so as to not wake you from a "comfortable sleep!" ;)

Jayme said...

hey...what craft fair???

Paulette said...

Does the fact that I'm blogging at 3am prove that I understand? I wish that it was because of contractions but no, more like an intense hunger that often strikes at very inopportune moments! :)