Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've been tagged...

twice...for the same MEME, so I guess it's time I particpated. Work has been crazy busy this week (going in at 6am is getting old), and we're trying to get ready for our trip to visit Mud and his family (my new nephew), and tonight we are heading to have dinner with the in-laws since we'll miss them for Thanksgiving.

So, I am supposed to come up with words to describe me that begin with the first letters of my middle name:

A - Affable (according to my handy dandy thesauras, this is another word for friendly)
N - Nerd (I am a nerd...I'm very particular about things, I LOVE the shows that tell you how things are made and how they're put together, and I am an engineer, y'know)
N - Narrow minded (at times I can be...I tend to see things my way first, and it's sometimes hard to see it from another perspective)
E - Energetic (until it comes to housework!)

Now I have to tag 4 people (for 4 letters in my middle name), and ask them to play along, so I'll tag:


Let me know when you guys post your answers!


shell said...

fine. pick me with a middle name of 8 letters! :-)

Terry said...

YAY!! got it posted!!

SueZQue said...

It's posted...