Friday, November 30, 2007


Pregnancy hormones are raging in my body right now. Even though I don't always feel pregnant, my body makes sure to remind me at the most inopportune times.

On Monday, our last day in Indy, we went shopping at a little boutique called Lucky Lou. We'd been meaning to go the whole time we were there, and we just couldn't coordinate it. We just so happened to pick the coldest wettest day that we were there.

We were all planning on meeting at the shop -- girls were going to shop and the boys were going to hang out next door at Starbucks. But, as we pulled into the parking lot my sister called to say that they were running behind. Since we had a couple extra minutes, Colonel, Christine and I went over to get a hot drink from Starbucks. I ordered my standard Decaf Grande Nonfat Peppermint Latte, picked up my drink and headed next door to shop. Once we got in the store, I was hot, so I set my drink down on a bench to take off my coat. Then I reached down to pick up my cup again...and the whole stinkin' thing spilled all over the place! I had only taken one sip out of it, so it was FULL!

I was SO embarrassed! I told the lady what I did and then I made sure she heard me say that I was blaming it on being pregnant. She wouldn't let me help her clean it I felt obligated to buy something from her shop. Luckily there were some cute things -- the shop was full of maternity t-shirts and baby gifts and diaper bags and cards and books and all kinds of things. Colonel was a good sport and carried around my purse and coat so I wouldn't spill anything else. He also acted like he was shopping since it was almost 30 minutes until the rest of our party got there.

I was still so frazzled when we finally left the store that as I tried to pull out of my parking spot, I put the car in first gear instead of reverse. I'm lucky I didn't punch the gas pedal or else we would have ended up back inside the shop where I had just spilled my drink!

A couple hours later we headed over to eat lunch with everyone before we had to start saying goodbye. As soon as our appetizer showed up and I unwrapped my silverware, I dropped my fork on the floor. And there was no way I could reach down in our cramped booth to pick it up. Thankfully, Dad asked our server for another one and didn't point out that it was because his daughter was clumsy.

After all that excitement, I just wanted to go back to Sis's house and veg on the couch with the baby for a bit before we left. I couldn't even muster up enough energy to do my nails, so Sis had to take my nail polish off for me!

Since we've been home, I've been doing pretty well. No major mishaps. But, I've noticed that I'm feeling dizzy more frequently, and I had my first bout of heartburn after lunch yesterday. I hope that's not a trend that's beginning!

Here's one more picture from our trip...Sis, Captain, and me...


Robin said...

I had never eaten a tums in my life until my first pregnancy. It was then that I learned Tums was my best friend & I went NO where without my big ol' bottle of 'em. lol
I'm lucky in that my other 2 pregnancies were not as bad with the heartburn.
Good Luck!

Suezque said...

At least you have a legitimate reason for raging hormones...

Jana said...

does anybody else find it rather ironic that the 18 wk old pregnant lady couldn't muster up enough energy to do her nails, so she had the one who'd just delivered a baby only days before do it for her??? ;) hmmm . . . j/k

and ditto on robin's comment about tums becoming her best friend!! OH MY GOSH! they have new ones out, too, called "smoothies" and believe it or not they taste pretty stinkin good. i have a coupon for them that i'll send you. but, yes, keep a bottle w/ you at ALL times!

Jayme said...

ooooh...they have a cocoa and creme smoothie tums that is like candy. ;)