Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not good news

I try not to be selfish, but it comes naturally to me. I think it does to most of us, and we have to consciously work to be self-LESS. And here I am being selfish again, but in this case, I think my sister just might benefit from my selfishness, too.

Her due date is tomorrow. 40 weeks of pregnancy will end tomorrow...but that kid is holding out in making his appearance (the family stubborness may already be apparent...watch out!). And with Thanksgiving being next week and her doctor leaving town for the entire week, she can’t be induced until November 26. And that is THE day that B and I leave to come back home, and it’s the day AFTER my brother will have to leave, and it’s the day BEFORE my parents will have to come home. So, you can see, this is just not acceptable to us. We want to be able to hold and play and love on this new baby before we have to come home.

Sister is already doing (almost) everything that’s been suggested to get labor going. She’s going on long walks, eating spicy food, drinking lots of water, getting busy with her hubby (at least I told her to do this). I told her to try a glass of wine, but she doesn’t like wine and doesn’t want to add any kind of risk at all.

At this point, it’s all up to God. And God...we need your help! Mom and Dad get there at the end of this week, and Mom really wants to be there for the birth, so maybe we’ll only have to wait til then. But, I hope it’s not much longer than that.

Pray for my sister and her new baby, please! Above everything, we want a healthy baby boy to be born to a healthy Sister...but it sure would be nice if we all got to spend some time with the entire new family on this trip!


shell said...

awww! but that's a sweet kind of selfish, so i think it's just fine. i hope micah comes soon, too, so you can all delight in him!! xoxo

Christine said...

I think it's all mental and when your parents get here she will go into labor and it will be a really fast labor! Her body has already done a lot of the work. She and I were just talking about how this can happen. Women in stressful situations not going into labor or labor stalling. Maybe with all the stress of moving and her Dr. telling her he could come anytime for the last MONTH and them not feeling quite ready that maybe that has held back the dilation. Like the mental part controlling the physical part. Tell that baby it's ok to come now!! I just cannot imagine her not having him before the 26th!!! And yes, God already knows his birthday!! I have been reading thru Ecclesiates this week and this is what I found, "As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things."