Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Friday...and so far it sucks!

Got up at 5am today to be at work by 6am (this will be my schedule from now til Thanksgiving). Stopped by Panera to get bagels for all the other sorry asses who had be at work early like me. Panera doesn't open til 6am...I was there at 5:40...thus, no bagels for breakfast.

Work sucks (what's new)...our new production line we installed is not working right and our idiot director of operations is insisting that we do "whatever it takes" to get it working and running by Monday. Translation -- we all need to work all weekend. Truth -- I WILL NOT be working this weekend...I'm hosting a bazaar in my's all me, and we're expecting tons of people, so no way to cancel.

My company sucks (what's new)...the industry we produce product for is down, sales are down, our plant made GIANT improvements in efficiencies due to the efforts of my department...but because our sales are down (we don't sell the product, the sales group does), we will get NO bonus this year. Still haven't found out my annual increase that takes effect in 10 days, but I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, one more thing about my sucky company -- since sales are down, they are keeping the plant down for 3 additional days in the new year. That means that you either use 3 days of your 2008 vacation (which would be 30% of my total allowance for the year), or you come in and do special projects (which means you do nasty ass grunt work) for those 3 days.

There's no change in my sister's progress (what's new)...with the way things are going, that kid won't show up til I leave to come back home and I won't get to spend any time with my nephew until I have a child of my own to worry about.

Thank you very much...and have a nice day.


shell said...

well, at least it's Friday, right? i'm sorry work is so crappy right now. and that sucks BIG TIME about not getting a bonus and that's so NOT FAIR since you have nothing to do with the actual SALES of the product.

I know you will have a blast at the bizzare, though!!

Jayme said...

Well...geez. Someone peed in your cheerios. :) Just teasing.

If it helps...the guy that you used to work with that works with my husband now...says he think you are awesome...and doesn't know anyone who could do your job better than you. He said you were brilliant.

Hang in there...

SueZQue said...

Sorry you're having a bad day, hopefully your weekend will be better. Have fun at the bazaar! Find a small something to treat yourself for the accomplishments in your life! :-)

Chelf said...

You sound like Apu in the Simpsons... "Get out of my store! ...and come again!"