Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'm a little late with the Halloween post, but I kinda forgot about it. We had a very uneventful Halloween after last year.

I bought candy, but I hadn't quite decided if I would turn on the porch light and hand it out. We didn't have any company over this year, I was exhausted, and B didn't want to get kicked again (see last year's post). But, we gave in, turned on the lights, opened the storm door, and passed out a little sugar. B even dressed up in his standard Halloween garb.

And we handed out candy for...20 minutes. That's all I could take. Our neighbors stopped by so we could see their cute costumes, we saw a couple other kids, and then B gave up and went downstairs. I kept the door open and the lights on for a few more minutes, but then I got tired of fighting the dogs to get to the door and jumping up every 5 minutes to hand out candy to kids who were being DRIVEN around the neighborhood -- that usually means that they don't even live in my neighborhood!

So, about 7:20 pm on Halloween, I turned off all the lights upstairs and retreated to the comfort of my basement where I finished watching Kid Nation in peace...oh yeah, and I munched on the 5 pounds of leftover candy!


Jana said...

bah, humbug!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe someone kicked your dh! And there were TWO?!? You better bet I would have hunted those kids' parents down and had a chat with them.

Paulette said...

okay, that's scarey!

Terry said...

I cannot stand it that the parents drive their children to the nicer neighborhoods just to get better candy... When we were little it was a neighborhood event and fun to figure out who was what in costume.... Being in an apartment, I had no trick or treaters...Yeah, for me!!

Jayme said...

I suspect that was your plan alllll along. A great way to spend an evening...curled up on the couch with 5 lbs of candy. :)