Tuesday, November 06, 2007

No word yet

I haven't heard from the guy who came to look at my car on Sunday. I hope it's jus because he didn't have time to make all the calls he wanted to yesterday, and not that he's changed his mind. My friend who sent him the info on the car is going to call his wife and snoop around today...see if they are still interested.

And, wouldn't you know it? The Pilot that we drove last week has been sold! Figures! The good thing is that they have received another '04 Pilot that I like even better (from the pictures and features). Of course, it costs a bit more, is newer, has more miles...and because they just got it in, I won't get as much of a discount. Of course, if my car sells, then I can play around with the price a little more.

I didn't mean to start a car war with my last post...and I hope Terri isn't offended by all the US car bashing that went on. (Of course, I STILL maintain that my hondas are almost American...they are built in the U.S., you know!) It's funny how attached and loyal we get to our vehicles. They are a BIG investment, and if you find a brand that works for you, why not go back?

I have been swayed from my brand loyalty on 2 occasions...once when I bought my Camaro and another time when I bought the Saab. Both are technically GM vehicles, although, the Saab has not behaved like a GM -- it's actually held up very well! =) The Camaro, on the other hand, went back to GM as a LEMON. But, I did have fun flying around California with the T-Tops off for a year or so.

Oh well, I'm heavily leaning toward the Pilot now. I love that it has a 3rd row of seats that fold flat, and the reliability of Honda can't be ignored. Plus, I can get a lot of features in a used car for the price. I just can't justify buying a new car when it will lose so much value as soon as I drive it off the lot. I'll keep you posted!

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shell said...

yeah, i'm sorry for getting all angry, too. i didn't intend to get all fiesty about my love of foreign cars, i guess i just have had too many friends who have had SO many problems with american cars...