Thursday, November 22, 2007

One more tag...

Shell tagged me for the 7 things about yourself MEME, so here goes...

1. As I sit here in the airport, VERY early for my flight, I realize that I HATE to be late. I'm almost scared of being late, I guess, so a lot of times I'm ultra early. And I spend a lot of time thinking about what time I should leave and what route I should take to get there to make sure I'm on time. A little anal? Yeah, but you can always count on me to be on time! Plus, I didn't know how busy the airport would be on Thanksgiving morning, and I didn't want to feel rushed, and I didn't want to wait in line (I may hate waiting in line even more than being late!).

2. I used to be very shy in high school. Oh, I had a lot of friends, and I wasn't shy after I got familiar with someone, but I NEVER would have gone up and started a conversation with a stranger. I started to come out of it in college, when I was the only female in the engineering program at my junior college, and I got a lot of attention (SO different from high school). I made a complete break from being shy when I transferred to my university and worked in the bookstore with professors and publishers and other students...and it's SO over now...not a shy bone in my body (well, maybe just one).

3. I always said that if I was going to have kids, I had to be pregnant by the time I was 30 (see that planner instinct coming out again?). Well, obviously I wasn't since I'm 33 and pregnant with my first. I guess I thought 30 was the cutoff age, but things are moving along well now. =)

4. Continuing down the pregnancy path...I'm PETRIFIED of giving birth. I thought I'd made some progress and then my sister had Mud last weekend, and I heard a lot of the details (I'm sure not all, though). I'm glad I have 5 months to try to forget what I heard because I know everyone's experience is different. Please don't think this is an invitation to hear all of your birthing stories...I am convinced that ignorance is bliss!

5. I LOVE to travel. I love the anticipation of a trip, and the way the details all come together...and I usually build it up in my mind so much that I'm disappointed on the actual trip. B says I need to learn how to just relax and enjoy myself once I get there and not try to do everything...he's right, and I'm working on it. Maybe I can start on this trip by just relaxing at my sister's...I hope so!

6. I played the clarinet for 9 years growing up. I started on the flute because that was the cool instrument to play, but I stunk at it! So, I switched to clarinet. I was better at that, but not very dedicated, so I didn't practice much. I played in the high school marching band (which was fun while we lived in TX and sucked in CA), but I couldn't march and play at the same time. I had to concentrate on my marching too much! See, even though B doesn't's not just a piece of cake to play in the marching band. I quit after my junior year because I wanted to go to the football games my senior year in NORMAL clothes. I still have my clarinet, but I haven't played it in years.

7. Hmm, one more thing...ok, here's a silly one. My favorite food is pizza...I could literally eat pizza for every meal and probably not get sick of it for a while. BUT, it has to be GREAT pizza...and I haven't found that in Kansas yet. The best I've had is Me N Eds, Round Table, mouth is starting to water. The sauce has to be spicy and not runny, the toppings have to be fresh (except for canned mushrooms, I LOVE canned mushrooms on pizza), and the crust has to be crunchy, but not dry. Oooh, how I miss good pizza!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your families and eat some good food, watch some good football, and take some good naps!


abbagirl74 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip.

SueZQue said...

I used to hate being late too! My husband has cured me of that! He hasn't cured my hate of being late, I still hate being late, but it's now a great feat for me to be early- our goal anymore it just to get somewhere on time! :-) How's the family and MUD??? :-)