Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celebrating Lil Major

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you've read about the Buddies. They are my lifelong, special-to-my-heart friends from my high school youth group days. They are amazing women! They are friends, sisters, daughters, moms, aunts...and my life would be missing something HUGE without them.

I miss them terribly now that I'm in KS, but thanks to blogging, cell phones, and emails, I can still feel close to them. And I make it a priority to see as many of them as possible as often as possible...and the arrival of Lil Major will not change that priority (it might affect the frequency of my visits though).

These wonderful girls threw me the most amazing shower last week while I was in CA. I should also mention that they are very creative girls also. The decorations were awesome, the food was SO yummy, and I was so excited to spend time with the Buddies as well as many other close friends and family.

We also took the chance to snap a picture of 4 new baby boys -- all born between September and December last year to dear friends and family. Aren't they adorable??

Friends and family came from near and far. My friend Jillian drove up from Pasadena, and my SIL and niece and nephew drove from even further (I hadn't seen the kids in almost 2 years!!).

Aunt Sally and the kids (they will be 10 and 11 this year! I can't believe it)

Aunt Jana - don't do that to me!

SIL and the kiddos

Just girls...

Mema and Papa and their brood...I thought about sticking my belly in the shot, but this looks better!

The Colonel, Lil Major and I were totally blessed by everyone's generosity. We got some incredible things for this little guy, and he is definitely going to be stylin'!

The completely necessary boppy, given to us by Agnes...and thanks to Jayme for carrying it home on the plane!

Marge made this awesome and super-soft blanket. It's satin on the back, and quilted on the front - so cool!

Sis made me a great taggie, and she had this little onesie made also - this may be his going home outfit!

Paulette made some onesies, too...she dyed them at added some of Lil Major's favorite things. Here's the G.I. Joe one. We also got one with a hummer and one with the KC Chiefs logo.

A good friend from my Frito Lay days made this quilt. It's got camo and USMC logos on it. And I love love love it!

I also got a hand made diaper bag (complete with green courderoy and camo fabric, and a little pouch for diapers and wipes that says Lil Major on it) from Natty. I'll have to take a picture of it, the one we got didn't turn out so well.

And the kid now has toys and books and shoes (lots of camo!) and jammies and clothes, and I feel so blessed! Thank you EVERYONE for such a great time. The time spent with you was the best part, but the gifts you gave will make Lil Major happy, and remind me of your love and friendship!


Chelf said...

Those blankets are the best! I am usually the Boppy giver... so I shall have to come up with other ideas. I do have some clothes for you.

I am going to be going with Ferret and Zipper to St. Louis again in May for a stretching session, maybe I can come see you then?

Sally said...

I'll be around in May!

Davi said...

What a beautiful shower! Love the creativitly of these girls. GReat job on the blanky Marge--so impressed by the silky edge. And awesome job on the GI Joe onesie Paulette!!!

Sally said...

Yes, Davi - I heard you are the inspiration for those onesies...great idea!!

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