Sunday, March 02, 2008

Great Weekend!

This last Friday had some similarities to the previous Friday and some differences (that were GREAT). And it helped to kick off an amazing weekend.

I had a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon, and I was praying that my blood pressure would be back down to its normal level. I didn't let myself rush to this appointment - I think that contributes to higher BP. I left work early, ran a couple errands and got to my appointment with enough time to sit and rest for a bit. And, guess what? It all paid off! My BP was back to my normal reading, and my doctor confirmed that ALL of my tests came back with great results. There is NO indication at this time that I have preeclampsia.

So, I had a doctor's appointment Friday, just like last Friday, but this time I got to leave and go home - no hospital for me this week! And shortly after I got home, the brown truck brought me a big package! Remember last week I came home to a cool package also?? This one was from my good friend Shell, and it was stuffed full of sweet baby goodies. I'm starting to get a little spoiled, and it's so much fun!

On Saturday morning, The Colonel and I headed to our breastfeeding class. And I am so proud of him for going through with it with me. There were about 10 expectant moms there, and only 3 of us had our husbands with us. I know The Colonel was a little uncomfortable, but he did it! We came home loaded down with information and empty bellies, so we hit the Taco Bell drive thru (got to keep my man happy!).

I wasn't home for very long, and it was time to head to a shower that the awesome girls in our Sunday school class had for me. We've only been going to this class for a month, and a couple weeks ago they insisted on having a shower for me. I was blown away. I didn't even know everyone's names yet! I was a little nervous about going because I didn't know them all, but we had a great time and we all got to know each other a little better. My SIL, Jayme, went with me, and oh boy - does Lil Major have it made! And I have about 10 more friends now! The girls even decorated in G.I. Joe theme.

The Colonel stayed with our nieces while Jayme and I went to the shower, so after we got the run down on the kids' afternoon activities, Jayme and the girls headed home. But, we got to see each other again about an hour later. In all our post-shower excitement, we didn't get all our belongings back into the right cars before we said goodbye. But, no big deal - Jayme, the girls and I, took advantage of it and met for dinner and ice cream. I love last minute stuff like that! And I don't get to see those kids as much as I'd like, so it was all good with me.

This morning we got up and headed to church and Sunday school - where we're starting to feel like we're part of the group now. We even got invited out to lunch after Sunday school. We met 3 other families for lunch and had fun getting to know them a little better.

The weather today hasn't been as nice as the 70 degrees we had yesterday. It's been rainy, windy and cold all day! When is spring getting here? We did venture out to the store in the rain, and that was just about the only miserable part of our weekend. Well, that and winding down to go back to work tomorrow...but, I only have 6 more days of work before I fly off into the wild blue yonder for a trip to California. Woo hoo!


suezque said...

Wow! Looks like you'll be all set when Little Major gets here! :-) Glad your weekend started off better with a good dr.'s report! :-) It is still snowing here- almost 12 hours straight now...

Jayme said...

woo hoo ka zoo. Bring on that California sun. woo hoo ka zoo diddle dooooo.

abbagirl74 said...

Church sounded like so much fun. I go the church on the corner of 21st and Maize. I haven't been in a very long time, but it's a great one to go to. The shower sounded like a good time and Little Major is raking it in! I can't wait for him to get here. Being a mom is the best thing in the whole world.

Chelf said...

I am amazed that you get to fly when so close to a due date. But... that is still good. I hope you have a great time in CA.

I am going to fly to NM to see my mom and get my car back in April. DH said he has not flown commercially since he was tiny. This should be fun.

I am getting some things ready for Lil Major, too. Gives me an excuse to get to see you again. Yay!

Sally said...

Abbagirl - we go to the First MB on 21st (east of Tyler), and it's such a friendly place, and totally biblically based, I love it! And believe me, I'll be asking your advice as this kid gets older - sounds like you handled that sassy bit yesterday pretty well!

Chelf - Most airlines don't have any restrictions anymore for when you can fly while pregnant (at least domestically), and most doctors will allow you to travel up to 34-36 weeks. I'll be going when I'm 33 weeks. But, believe me, I'm so glad Jayme is going with me, as I doubt I'll be able to reach down and pick up my stuff from under the seat in front of me!