Saturday, March 08, 2008


Everyone has certain TV shows that they have to see each week, me included. But, I'm happy to say that my list of MUST SEE shows has gotten smaller over the last few years. I'm all for a good reality show, but there aren't many good ones out there. Have you seen what MTV tries to pass off as a reality show now?? More like porn! (Am I showing my age, or what??)

Anyway, the shows that I never miss (and that my TIVO makes sure I never miss) are Brothers and Sisters, Celebrity Apprentice, ER and Lost. That's it. Just those 4.

I'll watch Extreme Home Makeover when I remember to, or I'm not busy doing something else. And I do watch a little American Idol...but only the early mass auditions. The actual show where they sing whole songs on stage bores me.

I've never gotten into Grey's or House or whatever else everyone is talking about right now. A few years ago, I watched way too many shows, so I told myself no more new shows. Of course, Brothers and Sisters is new, but whatever. It's worked pretty well for me so far. Except, don't be misled into thinking that I only watch 3 or 4 hours of TV a week. Oh no. I will sit and veg and flip channels for HOURS and watch reruns of Raymond or Friends or whatever else will help me avoid doing household chores. So, maybe it would be better if I just watched more regular shows? I don't know.

So, since I brought up my favorite shows, I need to discuss a few things. I'm so stinkin' glad that nasty-girl-Omarosa got fired this week on Apprentice. I can't stand her!! Not only is she so disgusting to look at (I'll get to that in a minute), but she is so foul and rude and unprofessional. Ok, ok, it's a reality show, but c'mon! First of all, I can't stand Donald Trump - so, now you're asking why do I watch the show, right? Well, I think the tasks are very interesting, and I love to see how they come up with their ideas and carry out the work. I dread watching the board room scenes, because they just let it go on for so long. And Trump just sits there and lets them bicker and make personal jabs. This is supposed to be business...why does he put up with it?? Oh, it's TV, I forgot. Anyway, back to nasty girl. So, she got a boob job after the last Apprentice season she was on. Whatever, I guess it did help to even out her proportions w/ that baby-got-back butt she has. That's her thing. But, why oh why did she have to dress the way she did?? Her clothes were SO unflattering. Way too short skirts and dresses (and did you see the slits in her dress from 2 weeks ago??), and the tops were way too low. But, this week took the cake - the purple dress with the 6" wide WHITE belt right below her boobs...and the white go-go boots? Gag me! And then she had this weird way of standing whenever all the candidates were waiting for Trump. Ridiculous. I could go on, but I'm not being very nice....jus had to get that out. Bottom line, I'm glad she's gone. And I'm rooting for Carol to win.

On to LOST. I LOVE this show. It's sucked me in since the pilot episode. The Colonel refuses to watch it with me, and I know some people think it's stupid, and the fact that answers are few are far between IS frustrating, but I keep going back for more. Of course, this season they've got me suckered in for 2 hours every week! The new episode will air on Thursday I TIVO it and watch it w/o commercials the next day. BUT THEN, the next Thursday, they'll show the SAME episode before the new one and call it "enhanced." What that means is that at certain times during the episode, they scroll a little bit of extra info across the bottom of the screen. Well, I can't miss that! And I can't wait until the next week to watch the "enhanced" version ONLY, I have to watch it when it's new AND when the "enhanced" version comes out. So, I end up watching every episode 2 times! And that makes it 2 hours every week. Crazy!!

What will happen when Lil Major gets here?? Will I pick up more new shows for things to watch while I sit and nurse? Will I fall even more in love with my TIVO because my schedule will be all screwed up? Will I watch less TV? Who knows...but for now, I'll try to stick to my 4 shows don't tell me about all the great stuff I'm missing! =)


suezque said...

I was sooo glead to see her go too! I'm rooting for Trace to win. :-)
This is the first season of Idol that I've watched every episode. I am usually done when the top 24 start too, but one of the girls at church heard that I was taping them and asked me to share because she doesn't have any tv stations, cable or regular. They watch videod/dvds only...
I also tape a lot of cooking shows! Rachael Ray is my favorite!

Eliza said...

SPOILER ALERT! Geez. I haven't watched it yet - you know...since I have a baby and work full time :) I guess I'm glad Omarosa got fired too...but not glad to know about it now. When Josh and I finally watch it I'll have to pretend I don't know the outcome.

My advice is get that TIVO working overtime with whatever shows you may like to watch. I started mine on Gilmore Girls reruns again. It's great to have something I like to keep me company and it's an everyday thing. I also did Dr. Phil and Oprah when I was on ML, but have since given them up - well mostly anyway. It's good to have a bunch of shows you know you like at your fingertips, especially since you will be up so much. My method was TIVO everything I may want to watch - I can always delete it later!

Sally said...

Suez - I like Trace, too. I'd be happy if he won, or Stephen Baldwin, even. Just not Piers!

Liza - Sorry I spoiled it for you. Here's what's funny. I didn't watch the show live, but I did flip over to it at the very end, on accident...and saw Omarosa getting into the car. I was like, oops...but GREAT. So, I ws even MORE excited to watch the whole episode!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Sally,
We just don't watch much regular television. I mean to say we watch more PBS,History,HGTV,etc. I have started catching some of the CSI reruns on Spike. G got hooked on Lost on vacation in October by watching the DVDs of the prior seasons. Now they tivo the regular ones. I began doing that recently and just finished the first season.
I think you'll probably get behind on your recordings in the first 2 weeks as you'll want to sleep whenever Lil Major does.
We don't have tivo so I don't know if I'll watch Lost in regular season or not. I don't know what I'll do when I catch up. That is why I don't watch these soap type shows. I always miss some of them. Sounds like Lost has found the solution to that.
Mama Bear

shell said...

i don't even know the last time i really watched tv. i know nothing about the shows that are on now, well not much more than the random tidbit i hear from friends and such. i like catching documentaries and trashy mtv/vh1 on the weekends. oh, and i'm always up for law and order ci and svu.

Terry said...

I predict your future viewing will incorporate lots and lots of cartoons, make believe and fairy tales....

I am hooked on LOST also, and thankfully I can go online and watch this season's episodes whenever I choose...other than that I am watching those reruns of Raymond too!!